Nearshore: The Best Way to Reduce Software Development Costs?

Nearshore: The Best Way to Reduce Software Development Costs?

The world of software development is extremely expensive, so much so that there are different ways to lower the development cost and invest the savings in other important aspects of the company. This time, our post will focus on everything related to hiring a nearshore software development company.

What are nearshore companies?

We all know that creating software is an extremely complex issue and it is also quite expensive, but there are always solutions.

In this case, there is the option of hiring a nearshore company. These companies are simply a company that is not located in the same country as the people who hire them.

Nearshore companies are not only focused on software development, any service that can be hired from another country is offered by a nearshore company. For example, customer service is another option.

But we will focus on companies that use this method to offer software creation services. To clear up any possible doubts, the difference between a nearshore company vs. offshore company, is that the first is located closer (on the same continent) to the company that hires them and the second option would be a company located in another continent in relation to the people who hire it.

What would happen if you hire a nearshore company?

Let’s use a simple example, let’s say you’ve already found a nearshore software development company, which appears to meet all the necessary requirements. You will contact them and this nearshore company will initiate communication with you.

In the process you will explain everything that your project needs and the company that will possibly be hired will be in charge of analyzing your case and presenting a plan, prices, along with an overview of how the project will start.

If everything turns out well and benefits both parties, then the project will be started and you will stay in contact with the nearshore company, either by email or by video call.

What are nearshore companies like?

Newbies will think that a nearshore business is something that is very quirky, but the reality is quite different. If a person enters a conventional company and enters another nearshore company, the difference at first glance would not exist.

But if the person asks what kind of services they offer and how they offer it, he will realize that the nearshore company offers its services to clients who are far away from their headquarters. For example, the company may be in Argentina and they are hired by another American company.

That would be the only difference, because a nearshore company has the same appearance as other companies that do not offer these services.

So the process of hiring a nearshore software development company would be the same as hiring the services of another non-nearshore company.

How do you know if nearshore outsourcing meets your needs?

Nearshore companies are not a magic bullet, something like that does not exist in software development. Therefore, you must take into consideration the following important aspects:

Difficulty and complexity of the project

In general, and in order not to divert the article from the main topic, the complexity of a project can be set to low, medium or high. Nearshore companies usually handle low to medium projects, it is very rare that they handle projects of high difficulty.

Time available for the project

Timed projects are quite complicated and generally not the best option for offshore companies, because the time difference and distance will make the project take a while to start.

The development interface

Communication is very important in any project, but it is even more important for hires where an offshore software development company is involved. This is because the application interface must be perfect and if the communication is not efficient, then the interface will have an unsatisfactory quality.

Why choose nearshore outsourcing?

If you are still not convinced if nearshore development is what you need, you should know the main advantages related to hiring a nearshore company:

Reduction of production costs

Because nearshore development is cheaper, because the company offering the services is from a country where the salary is lower, there will be great savings.

Development speed

For nearshore development companies, time-limited projects are their biggest specialty.

Professional quality guarantee

A nearshore software development company specializes in offering its services at a very reasonable price. These services cover all the needs of any project, this includes testing processes.

Professionals who meet all needs

Nearshore companies always have professionals specialized in providing high quality services.

Temporary projects

Temporary projects are those that when they are completed, it is no longer necessary to continue hiring the same employees, because they have already finished their work.

Considerations before using nearshore outsourcing

Nearshore is not a miracle method or anything like that, but its usefulness and high quality results have already been proven. But to be sure about this option, you should know the following considerations:

Check skills and experience

Experience will always be an extremely important issue when hiring any service and nearshore services are no exception. Therefore, it will always be important to hire the company that has the employees, skills and experience necessary for the project.

The quality of communication

Communication will always be important for any project, because this will mark the beginning and the result. Because of this, communication channels must be robust and in some cases, the language barrier must be overcome.

Nearshore is an excellent strategy

Hiring a nearshore software development company may be the solution you were looking for so much, if you manage to find a company that meets the requirements, you should not hesitate to hire their services, the results could be surprising.



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