Restorative Dental Procedures

A broad umbrella term, restorative dental procedures consist of a diverse range of unique services, effectively capable of enhancing the look and function of a smile in need. Including popular and effective services such as; crowns, bridges, implants, fillings, and bondings- restorative procedures are near necessary, to some degree, in order to ensure your smile remains as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Dependent on the unique demands of your smile, your ideal restorative procedure will be selected to provide you with exactly what your oral anatomy requires.

While the most well-informed decision will be the opinion of your trusted dental professional, a general overview of these various procedures is still a great way to become more aware of your many options.


The crown jewel of the dental industry, these carefully crafted shells serve multiple purposes, and their technology is an integral part of various other restorative procedures. Crowns are crafted from impressive materials such as porcelain, ceramic, or resin, which are capable of matching the durability and unique colour of your natural teeth. Through a vigorous oral care regimen, a well looked after crown may last upwards of 15 years.

Being extremely customizable, the crown can be crafted in an array of shapes and sizes to successfully cover any broken or infected tooth. Its attachment is ensured by shaving down the enamel of the impacted natural tooth, allowing it to act as an abutment for its future placement.


Utilizing the established technology of the crown, the bridge procedure takes this process one step further. Bridges are used to fill in larger gaps in the smile with one or two teeth missing.

Its namesake derives from its design as the multiple crowns cemented alongside another serve as a bridge. The middle section, coined the pontic, is fused into the fabric of the gumline and fully replaces the smile’s missing member, while the surrounding anchor crowns reinforce the neighbouring teeth by using them as anchors.


Perhaps the most invasive and permanent of the restorative methods, dental implants entail exactly what their name suggests. A post crafted from one of the most stalwart materials on earth- titanium, is drilled into the area of the jawbone missing a tooth.

Once in place, a durable and artificial crown is screwed into its place, successfully implanting a new tooth into the foundation of the oral anatomy. This procedure is the next step up from the traditional crown or bridge service, and it’s no wonder why.


Fillings are extremely common services, and the truth is that the vast majority of us at some point in time have been in need of one. Fillings are designed to restore the integrity of a tooth infected with the moderate stages of tooth decay, AKA the common cavity.

Once a professional successfully excavates the decayed area of the infected tooth, it is reinforced with durably specialized dental materials and quickly resealed. Restoring its appearance to the unsuspecting eye, while also granting that area of the tooth future immunity from decay and fortifying the integrity of the smile in the process.

Inlays and onlays are unique types of fillings, employed to repair chipped or cracked teeth in specific areas. They are also relied on by dental professionals to fill in substantially large cavities which require a bit more effort to rectify.


For those unsatisfied with the appearance of their smiles, bonding may prove as an enticing restorative procedure. Performed upon chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth, this process restores confidence through radiance.

During the procedure, a dental professional applies a selected tooth-coloured composite resin which best resembles your natural smile colour, all across the impacted teeth. Bolstering their appearance and structure for up to a decade, if vigorous oral care habits are practiced that is.


Finding the Best Fit

A diverse selection of restorative options is a luxury and represents the ingenious of the dental Industry. However, too many choices can be overwhelming! If your smile could benefit from some restorative efforts, let our talented team members decide the best suited solution for you.

But first, we need to get a look at your smile! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and book an appointment with a capable professional today!

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