Rise Above Your Flying Phobia: 5 Ways to Calm Your Pre-Flight Jitters

Rise Above Your Flying Phobia: 5 Ways to Calm Your Pre-Flight Jitters

Going on vacation is a time to unwind and relax, right? While that is true, prepping for a trip can grate on your nerves and suck the stomach-butterfly-inducing excitement out of the travel process. As you prepare for your vacation by booking dog boarding services, hiring an affordable house sitter, tying up loose ends at work, and packing ahead of time,  you’ll likely feel the pre-flight jitters creeping in slowly but surely.

For those who don’t dread airplane takeoffs and overhead-compartment-rattling turbulence, the fear of flying is called aviophobia and is more common than you might think. Between 33%-40% of all people feel some sort of anxiety connected to flying in an airplane, which can stem from a childhood experience, not trusting planes’ safety, or even pre-existing claustrophobia.

If you’re someone who does experience stress related to flying, focus on the facts. Unfortunately, misinformation (known to trigger panic attacks and pre-flight anxiety) floats boundlessly and unnerves those passengers gripping their armrests. That said, ensuring you’re receiving correct information will help put your mind at ease.

Harness the relaxation-boosting powers of marijuana

If you are a nervous flier, cannabis products might be the perfect solution to pre-flight jitters. For those prone to squirming in their seats and chomping their nails in the airport terminal, it’s time to take action.

Because of its anti-anxiety effects, cannabis products can relieve stress during this overwhelming time. Smoking out of a bubbler like from MJ Arsenal before you head out to the airport is an excellent option if you live in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Be prepared and distract yourself

Being well prepared for your vacation ahead of time will also ensure that you arrive at the airport with little to no stress, which will set the tone for the entire trip. Working to keep yourself distracted is a surefire way to contront flight-related anxiety.

To curb pre-light anxiety, have a picture of your final destination handy. That way, you can imagine the finish line as you settle into your seat, making the process feel manageable. Completing crosswords, streaming television shows, and indulging in a good book are all other ideas to keep your mind off of the flight itself and to keep your worries at bay.

Check the weather for your flight

New technologies make it possible for you to access real-time updates on extreme weather ahead or bumpy patches of air, helping you mentally prepare for the journey ahead. With the knowledge of storms on the horizon, you can brace yourself for mid-flight turbulence that may startle you otherwise.

Keep breathing and relaxation tactics on hand

No two flyer’s phobias are alike. Knowing that other people share similar feelings and anxieties can resolve any insecurities leading you to believe that you’re alone in your suffering. However, the way you de-stress and reign in your fear will be unique to you.

While deep-breathing is an easy on-the-go anxiety-fighting strategy, discovering what relaxation tactics serve you best will help you guarantee an emotional-turbulence-free flight.

Skip the Wine and Coffee

Drinks that are often used to alter your mood may seem like they will help you conquer your fear of planes, but in reality, they can often do the opposite. There is a strong chance that coffee and wine will only exacerbate existing anxiety, so stick to water, or treat yourself to a soda the next time you fly.

Final thoughts

Take your fear of flying into your own hands. You’ll feel more empowered when you successfully identify what makes this anxiety-inducing experience more enjoyable. Flight anxiety and aviophobia are undeniably sources of anguish. Fortunately, tackling the problem head-on will help you overcome your fears and travel the world anxiety-free.



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