Skills We Can Learn from Gaming

Skills We Can Learn from Gaming

Gaming used to have a bad image, and for a long time, gamers were considered to be more of the outcasts of society. At the time, people didn’t understand the huge number of benefits there are to gaming. One of the biggest benefits is the amount of skill that can be gained from playing games – skills that can be applied to everyday life, work, and more.


So, what are some of the skills that can be gained through playing games? Everything from online casino games to chess and board games offers its own skill sets!


Something that most people could do with having more resilience. When it comes to gaming, you are going to take a loss, die, and sometimes get stuck for ages trying to solve a puzzle or complete a level. Failure is part and parcel of gaming, and even those who have made it to professional levels have big losses that are often on the big screen at events or streamed online. Gaming teaches you to become resilient, dust yourself, and try again.


Paying attention to the details is something that you have to do as a gamer. Game developers love nothing more than to tuck tiny details into levels, quests, or littered throughout the environment. If you’re not paying attention, you can miss out on rares, epics, quest items, and other cool stuff. And when you miss out, it can mean that you are stuck for a while. Almost all jobs and life, in general, come down to looking at the details, and gaming helps that skill become much sharper.



Not all games are computer games, and although there are DnD-type games online, there is something innately creative about traditionally playing Dungeons and Dragons. Why? Well, the Dungeon Master will be working hard on creating unique scenarios, creating their own worlds, mobs, and buildings.


And it’s not just games like that that require some imagination and creativity. Games like Minecraft allow the player to create massive worlds – where to put the right tree, how big to build the house or fort, and so much more.


Gaming and creativity go hand in hand, from the idea of the game to the person who will be playing it.



In the real world, there are plenty of problems that will need smart solutions. Almost all games, whether they be a single-player game or multi-player one, will require the player(s) to think critically. To be successful, you’ll need to look at the problem, look for the right solution, and, where there are multiple options – choose the right one. The problem-solving needs to become much faster when you are playing against real players on an opposing team, which brings us neatly to the next point.


You and your team are heading to take out a tower, but two players from the opposing team have made it to kill a boss, which will give them a boost. Do you have time to take out their base before they down the mob? Should you split up and try to stop them and work on the base? Should you all go and gank them, then go back to taking care of their base? And which decision would you make in the space of two seconds?


When gaming, some decisions need to be made quickly; other times, they can be made very slowly and thoughtfully – either way, you’ll need to make the right decision to make sure you win in the end.


Depending on the type of game you like to play, the world will demand different things from you. And if you play in a team, you might need to change what you’re doing to make sure you win. For example, one minute, you might be a boomkin, firing off beams, and the next, your tank might be taking too much damage, and you need to get some heals mixed in with your damage.


More games offer a dynamic environment than ever before, and what that means is that gamers need to be more adaptable than ever before.

Hand-eye Coordination

For those who have watched LoL match or a gaming streamer for a little while – you’ll know exactly how intense the hand-eye coordination needs to be. A huge skill that games have, that most other people aren’t as strong is, is hand-eye coordination because they need to make sure that their character is doing whatever is required while moving, making decisions, and more.


Games have a huge amount of skills that come directly form the time they spend playing their games – not to mention when it comes to teamwork, they are usually faster to be able to work out how they can best contribute and find solutions to team issues too!



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