Surrogacy in India: Features and Legal Regulation

Surrogacy in India: Features and Legal Regulation

The human ability to conceive and bear a healthy child in case of reproductive health disorders in women and men has been of interest to mankind for a long time, and since the end of the 19th century, experiments on animals on artificial insemination began to be carried out.

Surrogacy is becoming widespread today. It is recognized by a number of countries, but the attitude towards it is ambiguous. In this article, we will consider the process of surrogacy in India, since factors such as the inclusion of the names of the intended parents into the birth certificate, the use of the latest methods of reproductive medicine, low medical cost have contributed to the spread of commercial surrogacy in this country. For more info on surrogacy in India, you can follow the link and visit the best agency World Center of Baby.

Characteristic of Surrogacy in India

If you are interested in surrogacy in India, please read the below data carefully:

●    Between 2002 and 2015, surrogate moms in India gave birth to 25 thousand of children. According to preliminary economic estimates, the value of the Indian market of surrogacy was estimated at US $ 2.3 billion;

●    Surrogate mothers are usually employed by agents through word of mouth. Indian surrogate mothers believe that their maternal relationship with the baby is due to blood and sweat, and not a genetic component, which is implied in Western European countries;

●    The experts of the World Center of Baby indicate that Indian surrogate moms live in a specific surrogate home during pregnancy. It is a group housing located next to reproductive medicine clinics. Living in such houses allows the woman to be under constant supervision of medical personnel;

●    The reproductive medicine clinic that provides surrogacy services in India mediates between the surrogate mother and the intended parents (dad and mom) and does not give out confidential information. In most cases, this is the case, and surrogate mothers do not cooperate with the intended parents;

●    As for the perception of surrogate motherhood in society, it is often hidden by the surrogate woman, since it is considered amoral. Surrogate mothers face criticism from society in general, so they are afraid of having enemies and being exposed;

●    Talking about surrogacy cost in India, it is necessary to specify that altruistic surrogacy for infertile Indian couples became widespread today, however expensive price programs with additional fees for female representatives are also finding popularity.

We hope that this article was useful to you and you received answers to your questions. To clarify information on whether a surrogate mother from/in India can carry a child for LGBT (a gay, lesbian, bisexual, etc.), how to get a perfect surrogate mother using the clinic`s services, how not to pay much money for the surrogacy, how the surrogacy procedure takes place, is this process the same for different mothers, what are the nuances, etc., contact the specialists of the clinic World Center of Baby. Would you like to do it now?




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