The Protective Gear You Need for Airsoft

a soldier holding an assault rifle

Feeling bouts of thrill once in a while is one way you can spice up your life. The thrill here doesn’t mean watching thriller movies and jump scare films (which are other great ways you can try too) but playing airsoft with your friends and buddies. If you’re the type to be fascinated with guns, this would be an excellent thing you can try.

While you want to keep things as exciting as real warfare, keeping yourself safe first is key to not spoiling the fun. If you plan to do airsoft with your companions, getting the right protective equipment would be your most important thing to take into account aside from your choice of an airsoft gun.

Protecting your body is a must

Before getting into the specifics of protective equipment, let’s first debunk the concept that airsoft is not dangerous. While airsoft pellets are made of plastic, having them hit the wrong body parts can result in injuries.

In fact, statistics show that 19 out of 100,000 children are injured because of airsoft guns. Such injuries can be prevented using protective equipment you can buy from numerous tactical equipment experts like Powtegic.

Basic protective equipment you need

Your enemy can aim anywhere on your body—this is how it works inside a battlefield—and the same applies in airsoft, which is a sport that simulates such an environment. Getting the right equipment to protect your vital parts is necessary.

a man in camouflage holding a gun

Face mask

While airsoft pellets do not have the penetrative power of real bullets, they can cause pain and leave unwanted marks on your face. Any critical aim on your face can also result in eye injuries. Wearing a full face mask, which may consist of eye gear and protection for the lower half of your face, is your best bet to ensure that no part of it will get compromised.

You may also use a half-face mask but it’s not recommended. Other common injuries you can get may include getting a tooth broken—either a part of it or its whole. Some airsoft fields may require the usage of specific types of protective masks, so checking with your local playing field can help you prepare better.


The main purpose of wearing a vest is to provide your torso with protection. Because it is the largest part that your playmates can hit, they are most likely to aim for your upper body instead of harder-to-hit parts like your head. Wearing a vest prevents bruises from appearing all over your torso.

While not wearing one does not necessarily mean that you will be seriously injured, pray that you have high pain tolerance. On the other hand, if you are using a tactical vest, it probably has some pockets and spaces. You can use these to arm yourself with other essential equipment other than your airsoft gun.


Most airsoft playing fields do not require gloves, but wearing one makes up for potentially longer playtimes. You will be using your hands to fire ammunition repeatedly, and as with the concept of wear and tear brought about by overuse, your hands may ache over time. You also risk getting your hands shot unprotected.

Knee pads

Airsoft doesn’t only involve shooting pellets while standing. Recall that it simulates a gun battle, so expect that you may need to lay down to avoid bullets, change into a sniper position, kneel, and many others. Protecting your knees from bruises and cuts can be done with a pair of knee pads.


Your rubber shoes can only take you so far, combat boots can help you traverse terrains better. Airsoft playing fields have different configurations—some are flat, others earthy. Being able to move quickly is one of the key skills in winning an airsoft battle, and combat boots can help you with that.

Although such footwear seems bulky, it protects your feet from injuries. They help stabilize your ankle and have metal protection. To put things simply, boots are a safer option than rubber shoes.

Barrel blockers

Protecting yourself starts with preventing yourself from harming others. While barrel blockers are not necessarily worn on the body, it helps block accidental airsoft pellet discharge from your gun. In exchange, you can avoid firing stray pellets that may result in other people’s injuries.


Airsoft is a thrilling and enjoyable sport, but the fun only comes in with proper precautionary measures. Before getting yourself an airsoft gun, prioritize getting protective equipment for yourself.



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