The Ultimate Color Guide for Canopy Tents

The Ultimate Color Guide for Canopy Tents

Colors reveal a lot, especially brand colors. The colors you use in your brand’s design will impact the way customers perceive your company. Don’t believe us? Color psychology is proven science. It’s a topic that discusses how human behaviors are influenced by different colors.

According to esteemed color psychologists, colors can even impact the buying decisions of customers. The colors of your brand’s marketing materials should be selected scientifically. Here’s how customers perceive different colors when they see them in marketing materials –

  • Red: Red signifies passion, strength, and excitement. Red is a powerful color. It instantly draws the attention of target customers. That’s why red-colored marketing materials need to be used in moderation. You want to inspire customers to take actions that support your brand. But you don’t want to overwhelm them.
  • Green: In modern culture, the color green has very positive connotations. People associate this color with health, generosity, and peace. That’s why so many medical brands use green-colored marketing materials.
  • Yellow: Cheerful and warming, the color yellow is typically associated with happiness, hopefulness, and positivity. But, this color is extremely simulating. That’s why babies tend to cry when they’re over-exposed to yellow-colored items and materials.
  • Blue: One of the most widely used brand colors, blue signifies authenticity, harmony, and calmness. Dark blue, in particular, is a very popular color amongst brands and customers. Brands can’t go wrong with blue-colored marketing materials.
  • Purple: Purple is a “regal” color. It signifies nobility, luxury, dignity, and power. High-end brands typically use this color in their marketing materials to promote a sense of luxury and class.
  • White: This color represents purity, cleanliness, and innocence. That’s why newly launched websites almost always have white-colored backgrounds.
  • Black: When used properly, black-colored marketing materials can signify elegance, sophistication, strength, and class.

When choosing colors for your brand’s marketing materials, be aware of the different ways different colors impact human behavior. For many brands, custom-printed canopy tents are the most important marketing tools in their promotional arsenals. Using marketing tents with the right colors is the key to attracting audiences at marketing events.

What colors should your custom marketing tents feature? You can choose all types of colors for your tents as long as you meet the following guidelines –

  • Make sure the colors of your tents are consistent with other colors in your marketing profile. For example, your tent’s color should complement the colors in your brand’s logo, artwork, etc.
  • Outside temperatures will impact the color of your canopy tent. If you use dark-colored tents directly under the sun, the temperature inside the tent will be quite high.
  • White-colored tents are the coolest. These tents reflect most of the sunlight they receive. However, white-colored tents also get dirty easily. Make sure to wash these tents as frequently as possible.
  • Light and bright-colored tents are easier to spot at busy, crowded events.
  • Tents with darker colors are easier to clean.

Make sure your marketing tents have the right colors that represent your brand. Use these guidelines to make color-related decisions while shopping for canopy tents.

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