The Working Dogs: What Do they Do Exactly?

The Working Dogs: What Do they Do Exactly?

In this day and age, we generally consider dogs as part of the family, which is the right approach of course. However, just like others in the family, can a dog become a working member as well? As it turns out, they most certainly can, and the following are the usual fields in which they can find employment!

Service Dogs

Dogs trained to aid people who cannot see are common examples of service dogs, but that is not the only type of service dog there is. Due to their keen intelligence, certain breeds like Labradors, Retrievers, Poodles, and German Shepherds can be trained to assist patients with other disabilities as well. A few examples of other services that dogs can provide to disabled patients are as follows:

•    Mobility assistance

•    Emergency help during seizures and other medical emergencies

•    Hearing aid: The dogs alert aurally compromised individuals if a smoke alarm, doorbell, phone or alarm clock goes off

Police & Military Dogs

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the breeds best suited for serving as police and military dogs. The two are not trained in the exact same way, but they do share similarities in the work they do. This will include, but is not limited to:

•    Protecting their handlers

•    Sniffing out illegal drugs, guns, bombs, mines, etc.

•    Tracking a scent for search and rescue, or tracking down a fugitive

•    Sentry duty as guard dogs

•    Scouting for dangers

With both police and military work being particularly demanding fields of physical effort for the animals, consider feeding your pooches naturally derived, supplemental carbohydrates for working dogs to help them be more energetic, capable, alert, and remain properly satiated. It’s true that dogs do not require carbs, but the need for glucose, essential amino acids, and fatty acids, and a good mix of vitamins and minerals in the diet of a hardworking dog cannot be ignored.

Herding Dogs

The oldest jobs for which dogs were used ever since their domestication are guarding, herding, and hunting. From sheep and goats to cows and buffalos, certain special breeds are capable of herding any farm animal to safety. The most efficient herding breeds are:

•    Border Collie

•    German Shepherd

•    Belgian Malinois

•    King Shepherd

•    Old English sheepdog and Shetland sheepdog

•    Australian cattle dog

•    Australian Shepherd

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs have a wide range of workplaces where they can work successfully to help people feel better. The dogs are trained to mostly provide emotional support to sick, injured, disabled, depressed, anxious individuals. They can even be trained to make any workplace a less stressful environment for the workers. Airbnb and Amazon are two of the famous examples of corporate houses with extensive dog-friendly environments, as well as incorporating therapy dogs in their respective offices.

Not that dogs really need a job to make themselves useful, as most of them are bundles of joy and loyalty all on their own. However, now you know exactly what their career options are, should they ever decide to take up a job!


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