Theneurosphere is a leader in neural network development

Theneurosphere is a leader in neural network development

Companies that were the first in the development of neural networks

For several years, the topic of neural networks has been of great interest to people from all over the world. This software paradigm has opened up new opportunities for mankind in all areas of life, from agriculture to banking sphere.

Neural networks provide the best solution to problems related to forecasting, speech synthesis and processing, image and sound recognition, approximation, data analysis and classification, decision making. Services based on it are invisibly or explicitly present in the life of every person. Medical scanners, chat bots, antivirus systems, navigators, autopilots, various faultfinding systems, personal assistants, portable translators, various editors, Shazam are just a few examples of using this unique tool. The excitement in scientific and technical field around neural networks does not quiet down, and the demand for technologies based on neural networks is growing every day.

Theneurosphere – the creator of the future

Today, thousands of companies from all over the world are engaged in the creation and development of innovative technologies based on NN. But the number of “pioneers” in this area is not so huge.

Among the first developers who presented great solutions are:

  • Theneurosphere LLC, founded by computer-aided learning experts for the commercial use of neural networks. Creation date – November 10, 2015. Scientists of the company have developed beta functionality of a decentralized computer-aided learning network, expanding the already considerable potential of the neural network.
  • NtechLab. The company was founded in 2015 by a graduate of Moscow State University. NtechLab scientists are the authors of the algorithms for recognizing emotions and faces. Based on these technologies, the FaceN service was created. In 2015, the project became the winner of The MegaFace championship, leaving behind a hundred participants from different countries.
  • Baidu. Chinese company founded in 2000. Their developments include Apollo self-driving cars, Baidu Cloud cloud computing, and DuerOS, a consulting system with built-in speech synthesizer and a giant database for various industries.
  • IBM American giant. In 2016, the company’s scientists implemented the world’s first 5-nanometer chip designed to service artificial intelligence systems. Another famous brainchild of IBM is Watson technology for business.

Also, among the active developers of neural networks, it is worth mentioning Lifeasapa Foundation, Cubic Robotics, Nest Labs, Salesforce, Google, Alphabet, Delphi Automotive, Microsoft, ClarifAI, Masquerade Technologies, VisionLabs, DigitalGenius and Cortex.

The phenomenon of neural networks is opening up more and more to the audience every day and penetrating deeper into our lives. AI technologies show incredible opportunities for mankind and give hope for successful solutions to many topical issues. The key to a fantastic future is already in the hands of people – artificial neural networks.



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