Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Student

Things I Wish I Knew When I Was a Student

It’s only natural that all of us have regrets about any decision or period in our lives. However, the smartest way to learn things is to learn about others’ mistakes and avoid them in your own life. Here is some advice from graduates on how not to fail your college life and make the best of it.

Think Wisely, But Be Open to Unknown

Some things cannot be reversed. All our life is a one-time experience without a chance for rewind, revisit, or replay. That is why it can be so stressful and pressing for selecting your profession, college, or city to live. You never know what choice is the best and where your preferences will lead you. That is why you shouldn’t stick strictly to your plan. Some opportunities that come along your way can be risky, but the most rewarding for your experience. Never reject the friend’s advice or some random chance as it can be a life-turner for you.

College Is Not Much About Knowledge, but Connections

Yes, the lessons you take and grades you receive for your nights out are necessary, but when you’re entering the college, it’s not the integral part. I wish I spent less time remembering dates for history class and more hanging out and making acquaintance. College life may be very competitive, but you shouldn’t neglect people you’ll probably encounter in your life. Social connections take half of any individual success. College tests your ability to negotiate and to find benefits where no one sees them. It’s the most important skill to develop.

Grades Are Vital, but Experience Weigh More in Real Life

Don’t forget that college is a short-term period of your life that will remain in the form of a certificate to show to your employers. It’s not a battlefield and not a sanctuary, so don’t avoid social events and ignore the people around you. Your projects, part-time jobs, volunteer work, can provide you with more practical skills that will be valuable for your future boss than any school grades. So don’t throw all your time into classes, find ways to balance time in and out of your college. If you feel that the amount of homework is overwhelming, it’s no shame to ask for help. There is a ton of online resources where you can get professional essay writing help. Don’t feel overloaded with assignments and seek assistance if you think you need it.

It’s OK to Put the World on Pause

College can be overwhelming due to numerous reasons. You’re not to push yourself out of the boundaries only because you feel under pressure. Thanks to the system, you can always take a year off college and take things slowly. It can be due to health, family, or financial issues. Or it can be just because you’re not feeling it. It would help if you didn’t work yourself off only because you’re afraid to fall behind your peers. While you have a 90% chance to return to college after your gap year, it can give you a prospect on things, re-evaluate your current situation and see your life from a bird’s view. Analyze the world you’re in and realize whether you’re on the right path or is there a need to make a turn round.

It Is Never Too Late to Change Things

Don’t force yourself to follow the path you don’t feel like yours. You may consider it a waste of money and time but think of it in prospect. More than 30% of people change their careers drastically in their thirties, forties, or fifties. Is it stupid for you to change your profession, college, or direction in your twenties? You should not think too much about your friends or family when it comes to the life path. Your job can define your life as a total success or failure, depending first on your satisfaction from daily life. No one wants to be stuck in the Groundhog day and hate going to your office or work. That is why you can be at least a bit selfish when choosing your path. You can call it persistence and self-appreciation.

The secret of successful life lies in your ability to compromise your strict life plans and taking risks of unexpected opportunities. Life is something that happens while we are making plans. That is why you need to be open to anything. And it’s the only vital skill you shouldn’t lose while studying at college.

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