Tips for Finding Your Medication During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Tips for Finding Your Medication During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We are all aware of the pandemic we are currently experiencing due to the coronavirus, known as COVID-19. The World Health Organisation confirmed COVID-19 as a pandemic, which means that the disease has spread globally. To protect the nation, many countries are choosing to go into lockdown, which means people have to self-isolate until further notice. During the pandemic and self-isolation, having enough medication for pre-existing medical conditions and to reduce the symptoms of this and other diseases is essential. Today, we will be taking a look at tips for finding the medication you need during the coronavirus pandemic.

Research Essentials

Before you purchase medication, you should do your research to ensure you purchase the right ones. Paracetamol and other flu medicine will help to relieve symptoms of COVID-19 and will make you more comfortable if you contract the virus. It is useful to stock up on vitamins and supplements too.

Stockpile Medicine

If you are able to get extra medication for pre-existing health conditions, then you should stock up while you can. Stockpiling on the medication you require to function normally will keep you strong and will reduce the amount of time you have to spend outside of the house. It also ensures you have enough to last you if doctors or pharmacies become overwhelmed, if the medication you require starts to run out or if you can’t leave home.

Use Pharmacists

During the pandemic, many doctors’ surgeries will close as medical staff will need to focus on sick patients rather than minor cases. When this happens, you should use your pharmacist for repeat prescriptions and minor illnesses. A pharmacist will be trained to deal with these requests and will be able to get you the medication you need to remain healthy and to relieve symptoms of other illnesses. You should not leave your home if you think you have COVID-19.

Online Chemists

An online chemist can be extremely helpful during a lockdown. They have a number of pharmaceuticals, such as vitamins, supplements, medicines, health and first aids and personal care items. If you run out of these products, an online chemist such as will deliver them straight to your door, reducing the amount of contact you make with the outside world.  This means you don’t have to leave your home, reducing the risk of you catching the virus, which will protect you and everyone else in your home.

Find Help

It can be difficult to stockpile medication because doctors and pharmacists have a duty of care, and stockpiling means people can overdose. It will also mean others will go without. During a pandemic, an online chemist may struggle to supply everyone, due to the high demand for deliveries. If you are high-risk or need to protect others in your home, then finding someone who is healthy, trustworthy, and willing to help is something you should consider.

The best way to get the medication you require will depend on your risk profile and the people you share your home with. Ideally, you should stay indoors. If you have to leave home, then keep your distance from other individuals and wash your hands when you return home.



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