What are the Best Waterproofing Methods for Your Basement?

What are the Best Waterproofing Methods for Your Basement?

Are you facing moisture problems in your basement? If yes, then the best remedy is to waterproof your basement. As soon as you contact contractors, they offer you a variety of options. Before you decide which one works for you, you must have a clear idea about every solution.

Sealants & Epoxy Injections

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on getting a fix, you should either get sealants or epoxy injections. They are well-known as band-aid fixes because they work as a temporary solution.

Basement walls have cracks, and you experience a damp smell all over this area because water starts seeping from these cracks. Sealants will fill these gaps and prevent water seeping into this area.

When your walls have white mineral deposits like efflorescence or paint all over them, then you shouldn’t use sealant and try other basement waterproofing services.

Many contractors opt for epoxy injections as they can provide a quick fix for cracked walls. However, homeowners must know that when foundation settlement happens, then the material of these injections gets affected or break down, so this temporary fix becomes useless.

An expert contractor in Cincinnati usually asks homeowners to install a rudimentary drainage system alongside fixing the wall cracks with either sealants or epoxy injections. This combo solution works great and protects your basement against flooding.

Interior Drainage

During an inspection, contractors advise homeowners to waterproof their basement from inside. This option is quite affordable than an exterior option, which involves soil excavation and hiring laborers. Interior drainage requires digging but not at an extensive level.

The expert staff of basement repair digs a trench along the interior basement floor perimeter. The next step is the installation of interior drainage and a sump pump.

Every time the basement wall experiences leakage, this hidden drainage directs water out and saves your basement and its foundation from water damage. An interior drainage channels water to the sump pump so that no water remains inside the basement.

Exterior Waterproofing

When you need a permanent fix of your basement water damage and are ready to spend a good amount of money, certainly the best basement waterproofing service is an exterior one. In the first step, contractors will coat polymers and membranes to exterior basement walls. He will dig an area underground all around the basement and then install a trench drain in the next step. You need to hire only expert contractors to do this job as it involves more money and labor. Exterior drains can be an effective option unless they get clogged and cause flooding.

What Option to choose?

A temporary fix like sealant and epoxy injection works excellent when you don’t have a budget. Interior plus exterior drainage system brings peace of mind as you don’t have to deal with water problems in the future.

Even when your area is flood-sensitive, you know that your basement has got the best preventive measure. If you are unsure what method will work for you, no worries, make a call and invite a contractor for a free inspection.

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