What are the Key Features of SFTP Server


File transfer within an organization, partner, or third party is a key area in business and its development. The internet has allowed companies to employ innovative techniques to transfer larger files and to keep them secure over a more extended period. One such innovation is the secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). In principle, it’s the same as File Transfer Protocol (FTP), but it comes with an additional layer of security. While FTP is secure on its own but with STFP, you will get some extra peace of mind. Get info about the SFTP server and how it can assist your business. If you are unsure about the server’s qualities, then the following features will help you learn about them.

Level of Security

SFTP servers offer excellent security and reliability, which is why most big companies and some federal departments rely on them. There are two types of protection provided by the server;

  1. Digital Security
  2. Physical Security

The server offers strong firewalls specific to an SFTP server in digital security. Moreover, the server also provides data encryption which will help protect large and sensitive files. Additionally, mandatory strong passwords, multiple authentications, and granular folder access further enhance the overall security of the server.

In physical security, you will know where the server is located. This can be done by choosing a personal SFTP storage cloud. You will see where the server is housed and how it maintains your data.

Ease of Access

Over the past couple of years, especially after the pandemic. As a result, more people are finding it easy and innovative to work from home. This is where a well-optimized SFTP server benefits employers and employees. The employers can upload sensitive files and other information to the server, and the employee can view it to complete their tasks. Moreover, the person with access can log in to the server at any time from anywhere, making it easier for all parties.

Cost Effective

SFTP servers are a cost-effective solution for mid and small-sized businesses. They don’t have to invest in buying servers, installing the equipment, and configuring the system. Moreover, such companies don’t have to hire additional resources to manage the server. This is also not a requirement for big companies, but setting up their servers will still prove a wise decision considering their data flow. You can contact a third party specializing in such systems and start using them by paying monthly or getting a package deal.


This is one of the best features of using an SFTP server. You can always request a higher bandwidth, upload large files, and request upgrades. Moreover, the server can be customized effortlessly whenever you decide. These scalability options might be difficult to incorporate when using an FTP or other servers.

SFTP allows your business to archive sensitive data without worrying about the security of the data. Moreover, its ease of access and scalability make it the best choice for all types of businesses and services.



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