Why it is vital to use strong passwords for online accounts

Why it is vital to use strong passwords for online accounts

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When you sign-up for an online casino account, you should take the time to create a strong password. That is true for any accounts you set up online. But why is it so important?

Creating a strong password – what to look for and what to avoid

Before we look at why they are essential, it is worth exploring what makes for a secure password. The generally accepted rule is that a strong password should have at least ten characters. The ten characters should be a combination of upper and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

It is also worth knowing what to avoid when setting up a strong password. The golden rule is never to use the same one for more than one account. You should also avoid any obvious number sequences (like 12345), any passwords that are a play on your name, and common dictionary words.

So, now you know how to create a secure password, the big question is: Why bother?

Keeps your finances and cash safe

This is one of the major reasons to always use strong passwords for online accounts. Cybercriminals are always looking to breach people’s online accounts and cause financial havoc once inside. If an unauthorized person gets into your internet bank account, for example, they could empty it of all your money. Gaining access to your online shopping accounts (such as Amazon or eBay) could see them ordering up lots of expensive stuff, and you then foot the bill for the purchases. While this can all be sorted out once you report it, it is not guaranteed you will get all your cashback, and it is a lot of hassle to resolve.

Keeps your identity and sensitive data safe

Another reason secure online passwords are essential lies around the personal data each account contains. From your name to your address and date of birth, the data is very sensitive and must be kept safe. By using a hard to crack the password, you are giving yourself the best chance of doing so. Identity theft is a major concern. That is because if people hack your online accounts, they could use your identity to commit crimes! Or they may find out where you live and make plans to burgle your home or target you with antisocial behavior.

Help get you into good habits online

While the internet is a great invention, unfortunately, it does come with some dangers and people that are up to no good. It should not put you off it – you just need always to be alert to cybersecurity online. This is yet another reason to pay attention to creating strong passwords. Focusing on this specific area will help you pay attention to all types of cybersecurity, such as the benefits of using a VPN for business or at home. With online safety at the front of your mind, you will be less likely to fall foul of internet scams, fake websites, or virus-laden emails.

Strong passwords see off common threats

Having a strong password will prevent it from being guessed easily and, in turn, will keep you safe online. That is not all it can do. Brute forcing is another common cyber-attack when hackers use high-powered computers to guess every possible password until they hit the right one. Using a unique password on your accounts makes this much harder and makes the chances of brute-forcing working much less.

Always use secure, unique passwords online

The main takeaway is that you must always use unique, strong passwords for your online accounts. Doing so will give adequate protection against common threats and help improve your overall online security and protect your accounts’ cash and data. Even if you only have two online accounts, it is worth doing!

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