Why MBA is such a career option?

Why MBA is such a career option?

Why do students want to do MBA? Is an MBA worth to do? Is MBA better than other fields? As these are some questions which makes a dilemma in the minds of students, who pursue their graduation or complete their graduation?

After asking that why they want to do MBA-a question asked to interviewer candidates, some of the common answers are:

•    They are not happy with their jobs.

•    They want to get better opportunities

•    They want to make their career in business as well as in the private sector

•    They want to get higher salaries

•    Want to become an entrepreneur

•    Want to start their own business

•    Experience a different culture and places

In today’s money-hungry world, money becomes the priority of everyone, people become more competitive with each other, and everybody wants to make their lifestyle better. So, students will go for higher studies to get more and more opportunities, some stay in their own country and some go abroad.

There is a myth that an MBA provides more salaries than other masters. No, because, a study in any field is always worth, but you have to become a master and professional in it. Like that, if you want to become a master in the business field or a professional marketer or even a good banker- MBA is the best field for that

Now the question arises that, how a person gets admitted in MBA and what is a different way to get admission, how to get prepare for it. As there are some different types of entrance exams for MBA. Eg; IIM conduct CAT, Himachal Pradesh conduct HPuMAT of Shimla University, in MBA agribusiness they conduct their own test which is under Indian Council of Agriculture Research, CMAT, MET , GRE, and GMAT, etc. These are some different types of entrance exams according to different areas, fields, institute, level, and their benefits.

Now how to prepare and what to prepare for entrances

Syllabus of these tests are almost related to Aptitude, GK, Quant, current Affairs, reasoning, and English. These get changed according to the level of the test.

As some students also want to study in a higher institute or even abroad. But they get confused between GMAT v/s CAT. Which is more beneficial among them or which one is better.

But internally, we all know that GMAT is better not in some but in many ways than CAT.

•    As no. of institutes are more in GMAT then CAT

•    The syllabus is quite easier in GMAT which should be easier for preparation by non-technical graduate degree holder eg. BSc, MBBS, Agriculture courses, etc.

•    A GMAT score is also recognized by foreign institutes, which makes easier to take admission in abroad by providing scholarships

•    No. of the test taker in CAT is much higher than GMAT

•    No. of attempt is 5 in GMAT but in CAT has only 1 per year

•    The acceptance rate is also more than CAT

So, now it depends on the student which they would like to choose – GMAT v/s CAT according to their convenience.

But the conclusion is that studies and knowledge never get wasted. It’s always worth if you give best in your field.


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