3 Reasons To Get Your Kid A Pet During the Quarantine

3 Reasons To Get Your Kid A Pet During the Quarantine

Because of the quarantine, many parents are buying or adopting pets for their children to entertain them somehow. In addition, psychologists claim that having a pet positively affects kids, as animals help to cope with anxiety or stress.

If you are among those Americans who consider animals the best “cure” against stress from self-isolation, you have to know how this actually works. Follow the article to learn more about being quarantined with a pet.

How Do Pets Affect Children?

Domesticated animals stimulate a child to very vivid emotions, making them more empathetic, kind, and caring. However, this is provided only when the child spends a lot of time with the animal every day. At least 1-2 hours a day will be enough. You can teach the kid to walk, feed, comb, or train the pet. For example, you can give your child cat grooming gloves, and say that now it’s their responsibility to keep the cat combed and groomed.

National Institutes of Health researches prove that kids have higher self-esteem because furry or feathered pets actively express their affection, which makes the child feel important. Besides, the level of aggressiveness and irritation in school-aged children who have pets is half lower. A study by the University of Warwick (Britain) scientists proved that 90% of elementary school students put their pets on the list of 10 most important components of their lives.

Why Is It Important During Self-Isolation?

Quarantine provides an excellent opportunity for children and animals to know each other. Teaching your kids to care, even if you are also at home and can do everything yourself, makes them more responsible. Then it’s worth trying.

Teach your child how to care for animals. Responsibilities must be particular: for example, change the water once a day. And be patient: at the beginning, the child will constantly forget about new things. Be sure to remind and control them, so you can give proper care for your new friend. You should also consider getting your pet insured with Bivvy.

Get a Pet to Lower the Number of Stray Animals

New York stray animal shelters have already given out almost all cats and dogs. Animal protection organizations like Muddy Paws Rescue and Best Friends Animal Society reported that the shelters they work with are almost empty: quarantine-bored citizens adopted all the pets. However, the situation extends to other cities as well. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has stated that pets are now 70% more likely to be taken from Los Angeles shelters.

To Sum Up

Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression or bad moods. The deep affection we feel for them increases self-esteem and reduces the risk of depression. Getting a pet is quite an important decision to make. Consider if you really can afford the proper pet care and decide which animal your child would like to have. Please, do not think about getting a pet as a toy for your kid. Domesticated animals have to be treated and cared in a proper way to grow healthy and give their love to you.


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