3 Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Your Kids To Play Unsupervised

3 Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Your Kids To Play Unsupervised

When your kids are small, they’ve got to have supervision or be in a safe place all of the time. But once they get a little more independent, you can begin letting them have a little more time on their own. However, when you do this, you’ll want to be sure that they are in an environment where you know their safety will be easy to maintain and that dangers and hazards are minimized as much as possible.


To help ensure that your home can be this place for them, here are three ways to make your house safe for your kids to play unsupervised.


Keep An Eye Out For Hazards

Before you allow your kids to spend time in a room or outside without an adult right next to them, you’ll want to take a look at the space they’ll be in and get rid of any hazards you can recognize.


When you’re inside, hazards might include things like sharp objects or other items that could hurt them. As far as being outside goes, you’ll want to make sure your kids can’t get out of your fenced yard and that any water or other hazards are taken care of. This way, when you leave the room or avert your eyes, you can know that the environment you’ve left your kids to play in is a safe one.


Be Strategic About Your Furniture

While you can hide things like batteries or other hazards from your kids, you can’t exactly hide the furniture in your house. And if your kids are like most kids, climbing on the furniture is likely one of their favorite pastimes.


If you can, try to teach your kids not to climb on furniture in the first place. But in the event that they still climb, make sure you’ve anchored things like bookcases and shelving units to the wall so that they won’t tip over on your child.


Hide Cords And Cables

Many kids love playing with cords and cables. But as a parent, you know that this can be a big accident waiting to happen, especially if your kid starts pretending that the cords or cables are necklaces or bracelets.


Because these are mistakes that you don’t want your children to be making, it’s vital that you hide any and all cords and cables from your kids. To best protect your kids from cords and cables, wrap them up in something inflexible, keep them tucked out of sight, or anything else you can do to ensure that your little ones never play with these objects.


If you think your kids are ready for a bit more independent play, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare your home for this possibility.



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