Keeping Your Employees Safe in The Workplace

Keeping Your Employees Safe in The Workplace

Accidents in the workplace are not uncommon. Some of the most frequent accidents at work include trips, slips, falls, and being struck by moving objects. An accident at work can cause severe injuries and have a significant impact on a business. You may also incur substantial financial costs if the employee decides to claim compensation. All employers need to be aware of the impact that an accident can have on their business and take steps to minimize the risks. Here are some ideas on keeping your employees safe in the workplace:

Complete a risk assessment

To create a safe work environment, you should complete a risk assessment. All employers are legally required to complete a risk assessment to identify potential hazards and manage safety risks in the working environment. According to, some common work safety hazards to look out for include extreme temperatures, excessively loud noises, messy workstations, leaks or spills, and chemicals. Once potential hazards have been identified, you should put control measures in place to help minimize the risk. For instance, devices such as ultrasonic liquid level sensors can be installed to reduce employee contact with potentially dangerous work equipment. You must record the results of your risk assessment and review it frequently to help you maintain a safe workplace.The best way to manage risk is to attempt to spot it and plan accordingly before it happens”, according to David Rowland, head of marketing at Engage EHS. This is why risk assessment is now so important to a business. With proper assessment, you can make plans, spot potential risks, and then do everything you can to minimize their impact.

Train your employees

Some working environments have a higher level of risk when it comes to accidents and injuries. This includes construction sites that require employees to operate large machinery and work from height. However, all workplaces have potential safety hazards, and every employer should acknowledge the impact that an accident can have on their business. An effective way to avoid workplace accidents is by providing employees with comprehensive health and safety training. Employees should be aware of the potential risks and educated on your company’s health and safety policies. You can also offer rewards for safe behavior to motivate your staff to follow safety procedures and take workplace safety seriously.

Use signs and labels

Using signs and labels is a simple and affordable way to remind employees of your safety policies and communicate important information quickly. They can also be used to make your team aware of potential hazards that they may not have noticed. Place signs and labels around your workplace as a safety reminder to help protect employees and avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries.

Encourage regular breaks

Failing to take adequate work breaks can cause a build-up of stress and lead to burnout. Tired employees are also more prone to making mistakes, which may lead to injury. For that reason, employers should encourage their staff to take regular breaks from their work tasks to rest and recharge. Employers are legally obligated to provide their staff with a 10-minute break for every four hours of continuous work, along with a 30-minute meal break for every eight hours of work. However, providing your employees with more frequent short breaks can be an effective way to boost employee morale and wellbeing.

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