Things You Need to Include in Employment Contracts

Things You Need to Include in Employment Contracts

Your startup is growing, so it’s time to fill new positions. However, you do not have much recruitment experience for your new hong kong business; you have formed an existing team with friends in the industry. But now you want to use some smart human resource practices for company registry hong kong and enhance your business, new hiring with Get Started HK. You can adjust wisely. Let’s start with the employment contract. In order to protect your new employees and your company, there are a few things you need to consider when submitting a job offer.

Every employment contract must contain the following:

Which employees must sign an employment contract?

In principle, all employees must sign a labour contract. However, the terms of the contract may vary depending on the type of employee you hire. The following is a breakdown of the most common types of employees:

 Full-time employees: qualified employees. Full-time (usually 40 hours a week) and full-time work, there is no preset end date.

 Part-time: An employee who works less than 40 hours a week (usually 2,535 hours a week) and works full-time without a scheduled end date.

 Temporary: Temporarily hired employees, with an agreed end date. The difference between these employees and independent contractors is that they are considered employees throughout their entire life cycle.

What information does the labour contract contain?

A typical employment contract of the Get Started HK includes detailed information such as start and end dates, salary, job responsibilities, and other expectations of the employer and employees.

The employment contract for your company must specify whether the employee acts “voluntarily”, that is, whether the employer can dismiss the employee for any reason, or whether there are different categories of employees. Only this determines how the employee is fired and what duties he must comply with.

Explain the meaning of this role:

When preparing a new employment contract for company registry hong kong, it is always helpful to start with a detailed job description. Be sure to consider the key roles and responsibilities of the position, and how you think the new employee will solve these problems. In addition, please talk directly with the staff in charge to understand their exact responsibilities.

Compensation and Welfare:

Describe the compensation and welfare program. It should include the annual salary or hourly rate, information about any allowances, allowances or benefits, and how to obtain them. Explain what the benefit plan includes: medical, dental, eye care, the etc.-the percentage paid by the employer and the amount paid by the employee. When prompted, provide information about plans, stock options, and other benefits.


Contract negotiation itself is often the most difficult and overwhelming aspect of an employment contract. Although fairness is important, ask what you want when negotiating. You may not get what you want. But if you ask, you will get more. If you reject a certain clause or appendix of the contract, please stay calm and professional, but be firm. Getting out of a bad situation is better than getting into a bad contract. Suppose, after entering the door, you may later see the contract terms that you don’t like.

Determine your needs:

The next step is to determine your business needs. It starts with introspection and redefines your business goals, mission and vision. The next step is to analyze your data and workflow, which largely determines your efficiency and profitability. When the Get Started HK recruit people collaboratively, please share your information with people who may be involved in recruitment on a regular basis. Conclusion: Get your feedback too.

Under what circumstances can an employer fire you?

Read and understand the termination policy. If you have any questions, we ask you to clarify this point. The termination clause must be clear, otherwise, you can accept your termination at any time without notice. What’s worse is that there is no reason or reason. You can use different legal clauses to try to find them. Correctly understand the meaning.

Use technology:

In today’s connected world, employers have to worry about how employees use company technology. Employees may be possessive of the computers and mobile devices they use and feel that they have full access to them. Many issues related to the use of technology when company registry hong kong by employees can be controlled through human resource policies and controls implemented by IT employees or ISPs.

Probation period:

Many employers now offer probationary periods for new employees, during which Get Started HK will observe a short notice period (for example, employees can resign or resign, and the waiting period is only one week). If it is stipulated in the contract. The contract must specify the length of the probation period and the length of the notice period during this period.

Don’t be shy:

Doctors who have just left the nursing home sometimes ask questions or negotiate shyly. Don’t let it stop you. Do your homework. This will impress the employer and do a good job for you.

Restrictive covenants:

The guarantee clause, also known as the contract clause, generally does not apply during your service for the employer and only takes effect when your contract is terminated; however, you should read the agreed clauses before signing the contract. Generally, contracts are used to protect the employer’s company, employees, and customers.

Some restrictive clauses of Get Started HKinclude non-competitive clauses, non-competitive clauses, no-deal clauses and non-solicitation clauses. You should check whether this section defines the industry, type of business, and geographic restrictions in which you will work.

Make sure you are friendly and understand who you are talking to:

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to be a good and personable person.

The person you get along well with will be one of the main decision-makers in deciding whether your wishes are met. This part is about being “good” as a person, but there is also a little bit: there will be a lot of tensions and problems, so it is important to maintain diplomatic relations in this situation. Knowing your interlocutor, whether it is a human resources representative or your potential manager in the future, will help you adjust the negotiation accordingly.

Disciplinary Action:

Your work log must have proper disciplinary action procedures. It must specify the following:

  • Your Disciplinary Action Code
  • Your Disciplinary Action and Dismissal Procedures

If they are not satisfied with the disciplinary action or dismissal decision, the name of the person who can appeal.  It is also worth noting that this is a kind of Serious misconduct. It may lead to termination without notice because if these are not clear, disputes can easily arise.


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