5 Positive Outcomes You May Benefit from if You Have an Employment Law Attorney Protecting You at Work


employee-rightsAn employment law attorney can help you protect your rights on the job, whether you are an employee or the employer. Employment law attorneys often assist with harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, labor disputes, and wage disputes. In addition to these claims, hiring an employment law attorney can provide other beneficial outcomes. Let’s look at five positive effects you may benefit from if you have an employment law attorney protecting you at work.


1.   Job Reinstatement

Job reinstatement is one of the most common benefits of having an employment law attorney. If your employer has wrongfully terminated you, an attorney can help you get your job back. They can also negotiate with your employer on your behalf to try to improve the situation. One thing they may ask for is a settlement that includes some compensation for lost wages and benefits. Sometimes they will fight for more than just getting you reinstated; they may want your boss to pay damages or give up company assets that belong to you.


Your attorney may also request some agreement in writing, so it’s clear what both parties agree to commit. However, if the case affects a group of employees, contact Call Center Boot-up Class Action Lawyers to help you deal with group terminations, reductions in force, and unfair labor practices, all possible causes of class action lawsuits.


2.   Collecting Back Wrongfully Denied Payment

Being wrongfully denied payment is frustrating, and you may feel like giving up. But if you have an employment law attorney on your side, you may be able to get the money your employer rightfully owes you. In addition to getting back pay, you may also be able to collect damages for the emotional distress caused by the denial of payment.


Your lawyer can help negotiate with your employer or bring a lawsuit against them in court. If successful, this could mean a sizeable settlement that can cover more than just the cost of damages: it could also cover the legal fees!


3.   Payment of Compensatory Damages

You may be entitled to compensatory damages if you have been the victim of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. These intend to reimburse you for any losses you incur due to the illegal conduct and can include things like lost wages and emotional distress damages. One great way to think about it is that it’s like getting compensated for what was taken away from you by someone else’s unlawful behavior.


Whether it’s because there was discrimination against you based on;

Ø  Your race, sex, age, religion, or disability

Ø  Harassed in the workplace; or

Ø  Wrongfully terminated due to retaliation,

-if your attorney can prove liability and also show a causal connection between the illegality and your actual economic loss (like lost wages), you could get reimbursed for those losses. In some cases, compensation can also take the form of punitive damages, which punish defendants for outrageous or malicious conduct.


4.   Case Settlement with No Trial

A settlement often includes compensation for wages lost during the litigation process and compensatory damages (such as pain and suffering). In some cases, these settlements also include confidentiality clauses that forbid either party from disclosing information about the other. An experienced employment law attorney can help you with negotiating any claims or lawsuits you may have against your employer.


They will protect your right to sue even after you have accepted a settlement offer and signed a release agreement. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or harassed in the workplace, contact a team of experienced attorneys for assistance.


5.   Decreased Stress Levels

Having an expert by your side is especially important when dealing with sensitive issues like workplace harassment or discrimination. If you have an attorney protecting you at work, you may find that your stress levels decrease.


That is because you will have someone to advocate for you and help resolve any issues. Additionally, your attorney can guide how to handle difficult situations so that you feel prepared and confident. Furthermore, knowing that you have legal support can give you peace of mind, which can be invaluable in managing stress.



If you have an employment law attorney protecting you at work, you may be able to get your job back in case of wrongful termination. They will also help you negotiate a severance package if your employer lays you off or fires you. If you face harassment or discrimination at work, an attorney can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve. It’s always better to be safe than sorry regarding your career. Your professional reputation is on the line with every interaction you have with co-workers, bosses, customers, and clients. Don’t risk losing everything by not having someone looking out for your interests in these situations.


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