4 Best Easy to Grow Cannabis Plants in the Market

4 Best Easy to Grow Cannabis Plants in the Market

Every green enthusiast has tried to grow marijuana at home at least once in their life. The plant has gained momentum ever since its legalization, and now everyone is hyped about growing cannabis in the comfort of their home. The benefits of the plants have been observed over and over by users, and now there is no doubt that they exist.

However, there is always something preventing most people from growing cannabis plants at home, or their plants don’t grow quite right. Only seasonal growers indeed know the ways to accurate methods and tricks while the novices struggle to meet the needs of the plants. The main determinants that make “easy cannabis plants”, easy are the auto-flowering, feminized strains, resistance to disease, and other conditions of it. Hence if you’re looking for quick cultivating seeds, you can aspect the auto flower seed collection at ILGM or other reputable sites. To know some easy to grow cannabis plants that beginners can learn the tricks and also get healthy yields from, read on below:

Northern Lights

When it comes to beginner seeds, the Northern lights are mostly the first choice and suggestion. It is bred from the Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica. What makes it the best and informal strain to grow is its resistance to diseases and damage. While most plants are weak and susceptible to illness from climate or water conditions, these seeds remain strong in the face of danger. Moreover, these seeds are easy to locate and obtain worldwide, and their feminized sources are also available. Another plus point of the plant is that it is high yielding and can grow anywhere indoor or outdoor.

Gorilla Bomb

The Gorilla bomb is a personal favorite of cannabis enthusiasts. It produces such exceptionally tasting and euphoria creating yields that take a fanatic by the heart. The gorilla bomb strain was produced by combining GG strains and Bomb seeds’ THC Bomb, which in result, provide sticky, sour tasting, and smelling Gorilla Bomb. The seed can be found in feminized forms and can grow to a high of 6 feet quickly. It can adhere to harsh climates and can be grown indoors or outdoors while being high in THC capacity.

Blue Cheese

Another easy to grow strain with a high THC level perfect for recreational to medical uses is Blue Cheese. It got its scrumptious name when formulated by combining of Blueberry and Cheese strains. The plant even has just as an appealing look as its name with purplish-blue yields and primo dark Indica buds. It also provides a fruity and luscious flavor that is hard to resist. The great thing about this plant is that it is fast flowering and can be grown in cold environments without difficulty. The final yield will provide a cheesy reek.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is another highly popularized strain that is adorned by enthusiasts and rookies alike. This is because it resembles the sweet berry fruit and its fragrance. It also provides general potent effects that are liked by the overall population. Blue Dream was created by a cross of Blueberry and Haze and is a rare well-balanced hybrid. The plant is prevalent and adorned, but it can be challenging to grow without any experience. So beginners must try it only after gaining some practice on the above-stated strains and then get to this. Other than that, the plant yields high and is extremely potent.

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