4 Bollywood Movies That Champion the Cause for Financial Security

4 Bollywood Movies That Champion the Cause for Financial Security

Movies and cricket are two things that Indians love for entertainment. However, as far as the well-rounded audience is concerned, movies continue to be a choice for both the sexes.

If Bollywood movies influence your thinking, too, then you are not alone. You are amongst billion others who draw their lessons from Indian films and then emulate that advice in their life. From the best diet to prevent cancer from choosing the best life insurance plan in India, Bollywood movies seem to have an answer to every question.

But some lessons are more strongly enforced than others. You can find subtle references to the political system, education system, sports, and best investment plan ideas across many other spheres of life that have a direct impact on your lives.

Apart from entertainment, Indian movies also teach valuable lessons in money management to help you choose the best investment plan for your portfolio.

That being said, let us check out these four Bollywood movies that teach you a thing or two about how to choose the best investment plan to boost your financial security.

1.    Deewar

The Amitabh Bachchan – Shashi Kapoor starrer was a blockbuster in its time and continue to be a fan favourite even today. You may have seen this movie multiple times with your parents or at least heard about it from them. Apart from its entertainment value, the movie teaches a vital lesson in money management that is applicable even after all these years.

The epic dialogue “Aaj mere pass building hai, property hai, bank balance hai… kya hai,tumhare pass?” (Today I have a building, property and bank balance, what do you have?) encapsulates an elementary truth – build wealth and assets to have financial security so that you can stay afloat through all stages of life. If you have all these, you must find the best life insurance plan that helps you secure your life against uncertainties, the same as that ‘coolie badge no 786’ does. When you have the best life insurance plan in India to protect your loved ones, you can guarantee not only your financial safety but also that of your dependents – courtesy, the various life insurance benefits.

2.    AamdaniAtthaniKharchaRupaiyya

The namesake saying has been around in an Indian household for ages. Your grandparents, their grandparents, and generations before them have probably admonished their younger ones with the same words. It merely means spending twice more than you earn.

As the name suggests, the movie is centered around the financial troubles of middle-class families where the husbands are out of work, and the women were forced to earn to make ends meet. It is effortless to get your best investment plan lesson from this movie just by reading the title – be wise about your spending.

You may be spending everything you earn and be wasteful of your resources, just like the husbands in the movie. But it is time to think smart and find the best life insurance plan suitable to your pocket so that your family does not have to face financial insecurity in their lives.

With the best life insurance plan in your kitty, you have the flexibility to ensure long-term financial security that evolves with the changing lifestyle needs and requirements, even if something happens to you. So stop spending recklessly and find the best life insurance plan in India for your loved ones.

3.    Rocket Singh

Rocket Singh is yet another realistic movie that hits the home run loud and clear! Ranbir Kapoor’s character has finished college with only the bare-minimum marks when he enters the cutthroat world of sales. However, Rocket Singh is a tenacious man with the ability to take risks and know when to make the right decisions.

If you have such a voracious appetite for risk and a natural sense of timing, then you need to have a financial portfolio in place, complete with different investment plans and the best life insurance plan to serve as the financial foundation. The beauty of these best life insurance plans in India from reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance is that they give you the flexibility to personalize your life insurance coverage.

4.    3 Idiots

One of the biggest blockbusters of recent times, 3 Idiots, was a massive success because it taught relatable lessons – keep life simple and stay committed to your goals. The same lessons can be applied to your best investment plan to ensure that you get good returns for your investment without risking too much.

If you want to find a balance between risk and returns, then the best life insurance plan for you would be a Unit Linked Insurance Plan. Often considered as one of the best life insurance plan variants in India, ULIPS offers the desired investment returns with certain death benefits to your family, in case something happens to you. As Aamir Khan says, always aim for excellence, success will come to you inevitably!



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