5 Fears Driving Seniors to Reject the Digital Universe

5 Fears Driving Seniors to Reject the Digital Universe

Change can be scary—especially for seniors set in their ways. To cope with the ever-evolving world around them, seniors often cling to familiar spaces, light, easy activities, and daily routines for comfort. The overwhelming amount of new technology on the rise can be difficult for seniors to grasp, which can result in an outright rejection of the digital universe. However, pandemic-induced quarantine mandates have shifted many seniors’ opinions on technology. Isolated from loved ones, older folk are now more than ever embracing technology as a mode of virtual connection. Still, numerous senior citizens have yet to give in to 21st-century technological advances.

Solutions to these anxieties

To combat technology-induced anxieties, seniors should seek help from loved ones with more proficient technological skills.  Show love and appreciation for seniors in your life by walking them through their new tech-toys step by step. Providing instruction and hands-on practice for seniors reduces technology-based fear and uncertainty, increasing the chance of them utilizing tech independently. Suggest user-friendly, easy-to-grasp products—like The Wow Computer—that feature larger screens, accessible fonts, and easy set-up features for an effortless introduction into the new world of technology.

A digital divide

As millennials move alongside 21st-century technological advances, seniors are often left in the dust and COVID-19 added a new layer of dusty technical difficulties. The shift from physical, everyday connection to online life has created—for an increasing number of seniors—a sense of isolation and inability as they struggle to connect to the digital world. Lack of technological education and lightning-fast advancements have many seniors wondering if they’ll ever catch up.

Embarrassment surrounding technology

Mistakes are bound to occur when adding technological skills to your repertoire. However, many seniors feel an overwhelming sense of embarrassment surrounding technical blunders. Between family Zoom disasters and one-too-many flustered phone calls, seniors are often left frustrated, exhausted, and ashamed after technological ventures.

Preconceived Misconceptions

it’s widely known that younger generations are oftentimes glued to their phones. For seniors looking for their technological introduction, 24/7 usage is likely overwhelming and unwanted. Although older folk are welcome and encouraged to use technology at a pace comfortable to them, a growing number of seniors are still turned off by preconceived misconceptions about technology and its many uses.


The chance of contracting a disability increases with age. As seniors become physically and mentally inhibited, their surroundings must become more accessible. A common obstacle for older folk interested in using smartphones is declining vision. Tiny fonts and small screens discourage visually impaired senior citizens from using new technology, ultimately barring seniors from technological benefits.

Online Threats

Seniors who lack technological proficiency are often targets of online threats and predators. Because of this, many seniors steer clear of the internet altogether. Without online crime prevention knowledge, many seniors are too frightened of the internet, keeping them in the dark when it comes to online advantages.


Technology can change senior’s lives for the better by encouraging them to connect with others, including them in worldly affairs, and providing them with safety resources. Many seniors currently use technology, like hearing aids and medical tech. Why not take a chance and dive into the world of smartphones, tablets, and computers to see what they have to offer?




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