Best Instagrammable Cafes in Delhi

Best Instagrammable Cafes in Delhi

There’s a reason why different travelers from far and wide go gaga over the foody lanes, loud dhabas, upmarket restaurants, and quirky, unique cafes of this metro city Delhi. The city itself has such an evolved food culture that it allures every food lover. Delhi has preserved its old flavors, brought new dishes by fusing the different cuisines and many other things which brings many people here. Whether it’s the different restaurants or cafes, Delhi has the best of all.

However, when we visit a cafe, we not just hope to fulfill ourselves with mind-boggling food but also like to nourish our Instagram feeds because that’s the current trend. Isn’t it? And to make you follow the trend, there are numerous insta-worthy cafes in Delhi where you will get both mind-boggling foods along with amazing ambiance and décor to click those perfect Instagram feed pictures.

We have curated a list of the best instagrammable cafes in Delhi, which provide multiple Instagram picture-worthy spots and will also elate the food ambiance photographer in you for sure. One thing is assured that this list of cafes in Delhi will never be short of instagrammable spots.

1. Rose Cafe

Instagrammable Cafe

There’s no way that people who obsess with the aesthetics haven’t heard of the Rose cafe. The beautiful cafe of Delhi is quite popular amongst youngsters and is beautiful when it comes to looks. Beautifully adorned with doilies, lights, and flowers, this tiny cafe in Delhi looks like a cute little dollhouse. All the furniture and showpieces are antique-looking, and all the partitions are also very attractive. The combination of pink, white, and turquoise makes the decor of Rose cafe perfect for an attractive Instagram feed. In addition to this, the food of Rose cafe is equally as amazing as its ambiance and décor. In fact, it is one of the best cafes in Delhi where you can plan your dates with friends and partners.

Where: Westend Marg, Near Saket Metro Station

Cost: Rs 1000 for 2 People

2. Diggin cafe

Instagrammable Cafe

Diggin is one of the most popular and best luxury cafes in Delhi. This place is almost full every time and definitely for all the good reasons. If you make a checklist, then Diggin will fit in all the aspects for a perfect date or dinner, or lunchtime. The décor of the cafe is too pretty to handle because it consists of some of the best elements of décor. And then there’s perfect music and food to add to the stellar performance of the cafe. A picture of the swing decorated with fairy lights will definitely enlighten your Instagram feed. In addition to this, the best part about Diggin cafe is that now it has two more outlets in Delhi. Along with that, it is also a perfect place to enjoy a date with your partners along with mind-boggling food.

Where: Anand Lok, opp, Gargi College and Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj

Cost: Rs 1200 for 2 People

3. Jugmug Thela

Instagrammable Cafe

Located along the tiny pebble street, Jugmug There is a cute little that gives the best hangout vibes in Delhi. You can walk just outside the cafe among the rustic furniture, lights, and greenery, or you could sit inside among the bookshelves all around. And it is definitely one of the toughest choices you can make. However, the best way you can enjoy Jugmug Thela is by sitting inside the cafe during the day and outside when the sun goes down for a fairy-tale-like experience which you might have only read in a storybook. The famous street where the cafe is located offers a plethora of locations where you can get yourself clicked with the aesthetic background around you. And yes, don’t forget to taste the tea of Jugmug Thela. It is just amazing.

Where: Lane 3, Westend Marg, Saidulajab

Cost: Rs 500 for 2 people

4. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

Cafe in South Delhi

If minimalism is your thing, then Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is one of the best cafes in South Delhi for you. The coffee of Blue Tokai is homegrown and freshly ground. However, more than the coffee, the interior décor, and exteriors of the cafe are worth noticing. The inside area of the cafe is all made up of wood, decorated with miniature pots and minimalistic wall décor, which is a combination no millennial can resist. The only thing which you will want to do at Blue Tokai is to take out your camera and click beautiful pictures of this cafe. The backyard of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is dotted with sparkling led lights which makes it look like a fairyland during the night. So if you are looking for the best instagrammable and affordable cafes in Delhi, then Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters is the place to enjoy your evening.

Where: Lane 3, Westend Marg and Hauz Khas Market, and Basant Lok Market, Vasant Vihar

Cost: Rs 400 for 2 people

5. Bonne Bouche

Instagrammable Cafe in Defence Colony Market Delhi

Bonne Bouche is amongst the list of best Instagram-worthy cafes in Delhi. One step inside the Bonne Bouche cafe, you will feel as if you have been transported into an English Home. The cafe has highly sophisticated décor and ambiance with aesthetic interiors, which give a very subtle look to the cafe. With a completed pattern of wallpaper, vintage mirrors, vases, and huge curtains, Bonne Bouche brings all the vintage vibes back to Delhi. It is a very favorite place for the youngsters who look for a peaceful escape from the crowds of Delhi to get their dose of relaxed old-world charm on the weekends. Along with such great vintage décor, the food served here is just the cherry on the cake. Do taste the cold coffee and pizzas of Bonne Bouche. One thing which is assured that this cafe will turn out a favorite hangout space once you visit the cafe. In fact, many book lovers and writers fetch over to this cafe to get those serene vibes and greater productivity with perfect food and ambiance.

Where: Shop 16, Defence Colony Market, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 1500 for 2 people

6. Coast cafe

Coast Cafe Hauz Khas Delhi

We all have once made plans for Goa but couldn’t complete them. However, here’s a new way to complete this dream with your friends. Coast cafe brings all beach vibes to you in Delhi. One of the best cafes in South Delhi, Coast cafe brings Goa to you in the best way. The interiors of the cafe are colored in cool shades, which give the vibes of beachy winds, salty sands and blow through your hair. In addition to this, there’s also a balcony beyond the large windows which you can see. Not just the décor and vibes, the food of Coast cafe is also amazing, especially when you order the authentic flavors of South. Along with the cafe, there are so many colors in the food, which is as instagrammable as the stunning décor. Just choose any corner of the cafe, you will be treated with the best pictures for your insta feed.

Where: 2nd Floor, OGAAN, Hauz Khas

Cost: Rs 1300 for 2 People

7. Ama cafe

Ama Cafe Majnu-ka-Tila Delhi

Beautifully nestled in the cozy lanes of the Tibetan colony of Majnu-ka-Tila, Ama cafe is one of the most popular cafes in Delhi. The cafe is a home away from home and treats you with the best food, ambiance, and décor. The cafe is always full of students and Tibetan visitors throughout the day. Ama cafe is perfect for enjoying meals any time of the day. Whether you want to go on a breakfast date or a lunch date, Ama cafe is surely going to surprise you with the best of it. The décor is traditional and homely, somehow associated with Tibetan vibes. This is a popular assignment-making spot for the students and also a book lovers place as you can enjoy both the things while sipping your coffee along with the best pancakes.

Where: Majnu-ka-Tila, New Aruna Nagar

Cost: Rs 450 for 2 people

8. Le Bistro Du Parc

We all know fairy lights are definitely insta-worthy. Le Bistro Du Parc is one of the best cafe in Delhi for a party with great décor and ambiance. The cafe has neat and classical interiors and looks very much like a French cafe. If you are into a tiny birthday party or farewell party with no high vibes, then Le Bistro Du Parc is the cafe you should choose. In addition to this, the cafe also has terrace seating which is as bright and airy as clouds and sky making it the perfect luncheon or dinner location during a bright summer day. One of the best roof-top cafe in Delhi, Le Bistro Du Parc, gives its customers the best of both worlds by being equally beautiful and stunning both during day and night to click those perfect pictures with your friends for your Instagram profile. If you are in Delhi, then definitely give this place a visit.

Where: A-57, Moolchand Market, Near Defence Colony

Cost: Rs 1600 for 2 People

9. Triveni Terrace cafe

Instagrammable Cafe in Mandi House Delhi

Triveni Terrace cafe is one popular roof-top cafe in Delhi that has a sort of old-world charm that allures visitors here. Even though there is no fancy furniture or lamps or wallpapers in the décor of the cafe, the place makes you feel serene with its simple chairs and tables. It attracts a lot of visitors with its simple vibes. The view from this hidden cafe in Delhi refreshes every soul from inside and lets you connect with nature even in this hustle and bustle city, New Delhi. Unlike a regular cafe which is usually visited by youngsters, that’s not the case with Triveni Terrace cafe because the cafe is full of customers of all age groups. So sip on some masala chai, carry your novel and enjoy clicking some sips of nature. And don’t forget to click some pictures in the balcony area filled with beautiful decorative plants.

Where: 205, opp FICCI Auditorium, Mandi House

Cost: Rs 450 for 2 People

10. Vintage Avenue

Instagram-worthy cafes in GTB Delhi

If we talk of Instagram-worthy cafes in Delhi, then North Campus is full of a myriad of cafes, but only a few of them are instagrammable with the best food. One of the best cafes out of them is Vintage Avenue. As there are a number of floors in the cafe, there’s always a vacant seat here. You can pick your floor according to your choice of ambiance and décor. Each floor og Vintage Avenue has different décor, but each of them revolves around a single theme that is “Vintage Vibes,” and what it says it provides you even more than that. Along with being the most affordable cafes in Delhi, Vintage Avenue also hosts some live music nights and also has photo-specific areas where you can click some perfect pictures to update your Instagram.

Where: 2516, Hudson lane, GTB Nagar

Cost: Rs 800 for 2 People

11. Parallel cafe

One of the best food cafes in Delhi, Parallel is blessed with natural light in abundance, which makes it the best place to enjoy lunch and click some great pictures in the sunlight. Whether you want to read a book or write some stories, Parallel cafe is perfect for those quiet tasks. The cafe provides amazing tasty and lavish food with an eye-enticing interior to enjoy your visit. The cafe offers all sorts of delicacies that are loved by the Delhi crowd. one can also plan a breakfast date at this cafe and then get a chance to revamp your Instagram feed by clicking some pictures with the artsy backdrop and beautiful ambiance of the Parallel cafe. Cocktails and prawn dishes are best here, so don’t forget to try them.

Where: Flat no-12, Rabindra Nagar, Khan Market, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 2,000 for 2 People

12. cafe Tesu

Instagrammable cafes in Hauz Khas Delhi

cafe Tesu is a popular cafe in Delhi that attracts many visitors throughout the day. Also known as writer’s paradise, cafe Tesu comes as a fine day respite. The writer’s paradise cafe is full of eclectic bookshelves with the best collection of novels and storybooks, which will give your mind as well as your Instagram phenomenal pictures. Generally famous for its breakfast menu, so it is quite crowded during the morning time especially with college students, but office goers also enjoy a great meal here in the morning and at lunchtime too. So if you are looking to enjoy some meals and want to click some eclectic pictures, then cafe Tesu is the best place you can visit.

Where: Essex Farm 4, Sri Aurobindo marg, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 800 for 2 People

13. Dori cafe

One of the greatest places to enjoy a party after your workday, Dori cafe is the perfect party cafe in Delhi. It provides an array of items and various cuisines, but it is famous for its unique selection of dishes. Dori cafe introduces diners to some well-curated homestyle European dishes. The artsy décor of the Dori cafe will surely take your heart away. It is an ideal place to bring out your creativity and productivity because the ambiance is so pretty and beautiful to break your creative block. Due to its eclectic ambiance and décor, Dori cafe is an ideal location to shoot some great pictures for your gram feed and let your friends ask you about the location.

Where: 100 feet road, SSN Marg, Chhatarpur, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 500 for 2 People

14. Mother-India cafe

If you were looking for a cafe that has theme-based décor, then Mother India cafe of Delhi is the jack of all trades. From food to décor, Mother India cafe is perfect for all food bloggers and social media influencers. Since this is an award-winning eatery, it has taken the Spanish concept of tapas and has applied it to its Indian food menu. Due to that, all the dishes served here are small and freshly prepared. The interior décor of the Mother India cafe is all wood-based, from furniture to stairs. Everything in this cafe is made up of wood. As it is packed with city-goers all throughout the day, make sure you get there early if you want to click some insta-worthy pictures at this hidden cafe in Delhi.

Where: Ground floor, H-11 Outer Circle, Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi

Cost: Rs 1400 for 2 People

15. The Brew Room

With the white and teal-colored walls with faux green décor and great wall graffiti, The Brew Room cafe is one of the best cafes, which belongs to your Instagram feed definitely. This cafe is one of those cafes in Delhi which serves to relish coffee along with some handcrafted coffees as well. The Brew Room cafe has a very eclectic décor with vintage vibes furniture, which looks very alluring and attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Many social media influencers especially book this place for clicking their pictures in the stunning ambiance of the Brew Room. You can also spend all day here while eating some chocolate wafers and playing board games at the cafe.

Where: C-16, First Floor, opposite IIT Gate, SDA, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 750 for 2 People

16. Dum Maaro Dum

With a quirky name, Dum Maaro Dum is an amazing cafe that has got super colorful and eclectic interiors. The cafe has gorgeous interiors with wall paintings inspired by the Bollywood classics and sports Woodstock images, sheesha, and chillums, and the list further goes on. Dum Maardo Dum also has a stationary food truck with bar stools which looks amazing and is a perfect location to click amazing pictures to update on your Instagram profiles. Not just this hidden cafe in Delhi also serves mouth-watering food, which will force you to fall in love with this cafe for sure. If you are looking for one of the best cafes to update on your Instagram feed, then Dum Maaro Dum should not be missed in Delhi.

Where: 2510, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Cost: Rs 1000 for 2 People

Conclusion: Dozens of instagrammable cafes in Delhi have now made it a cakewalk for all the social media freaks to make it to their gram feeds. Get your phones ready and head to these picture-perfect cafes where you can relish your taste buds with mind-boggling food in Delhi. Also, it’s high time you ditch the non-artsy places for your pictures on your Instagram feed and add some quirkiness to your feeds. With that said, we are sure this list of the best insta-worthy cafes will surely help you bombard your Instagram feeds with the best aesthetic pictures and mouth-drooling food by your side.


Q: Which are the best and serene cafes in Delhi to enjoy tea time?

Ans: Chaayos, Brew Room, and Cha Bar are the best cafes to enjoy tea time in Delhi with a serene ambiance.

Q: Which are the best book cafes in Delhi?

Ans: The best book cafes in Delhi are cafe Wanderlust, cafe Red, and Fine Day cafe has the best collection and environment for book lovers.

Q: Which are the best cafes for a date in Delhi?

Ans: The best cafes to go on a date in Delhi are Rose cafe, The Potbelly cafe, and Triveni Terrace cafe.

Q: What are some of the best roof-top cafes in Delhi?

Ans: The best roof-top cafes to visit in Delhi are Crazy Kitchen, cafe 27, AIR and Ivory region, and BOA Village.

Q: Which cafes are best in Delhi to enjoy with friends?

Ans: The best cafes to enjoy an outing with friends are Cha Bar, Nukkad cafe and Bar, and Diggin Bar.

Q: What are some of the best-hidden cafes in Delhi no one knows about?

Ans: Some of the best-hidden cafes in Delhi very few people know about are Rosang cafe, Litti. in cafe, Cheese Chaplin and The Shim Tur.


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