5 Industries That Use Mobile Apps

5 Industries That Use Mobile Apps

It’s no secret: technology has taken over most industries.

At the top of the technology pyramid are mobile apps. In 2023, mobile apps are going to be one of the main tools that businesses use for:

  • Communicating with customers
  • Employee collaboration
  • Brand growth

Consider this interesting statistic for a second:

37 percent of small businesses now have apps for both iOS and Android devices (PR Newswire)

This is amazing, as it shows that even smaller businesses (with significantly fewer funds) are still able to successfully create and launch their own mobile apps.

With that said, are you interested to learn about the five main industries that use mobile apps? If so, start with number 1.

1.   Healthcare

You might be surprised to learn that thousands of public hospitals and private healthcare practices now have their own mobile apps.

Usually, these apps are designed for the patient. For example, patients can use mobile apps to book appointments, speak with their healthcare provider, and get important medication updates.

Because healthcare apps naturally require a lot of development and features, most healthcare providers are using professional healthcare software development to get their apps designed and up and running. Remember, a typical healthcare organization doesn’t always have an in-house IT specialist, which is why they often outsource the development of their apps to specialist companies.

2.   Tourism

The tourism industry is booming in the post-pandemic world – and it’s all thanks to mobile apps.

The likes of Airbnb and HomeExchange provide travelers with a host of rental options no matter where they go. For example, the average person can jet out to Japan (or any country) and choose from thousands of different homes and apartments spread throughout the nation. With Airbnb, you can rent for a single night or multiple weeks – it’s a case of how long you want to stay and the property owner’s rental schedule.

3.   Gaming

All of the major gaming companies – from PlayStation to XBOX – now offer mobile apps.

With the PS App, PlayStation owners can purchase games, send messages to their friends, and pretty much everything else in between (except play the actual games, of course).

Essentially, gaming apps allow players to perform important tasks while away from their consoles, such as when they’re at work or traveling.

4.   Food Shopping

It’s staggering how much the food shopping industry has changed over the past decade.

Now, there’s no need to physically go to a grocery store for your weekly shop. Instead, it can all be done through the power of the grocery store’s app.

By the end of 2022, the number of adult grocery app users in the US. is estimated to reach 30.4 million customers – which highlights how reliant the industry is becoming on apps.

5.   Banking

According to research, as of 2022, around 97 percent of millennials use mobile banking apps.

Clearly, the days of popping into your local bank are over. Instead, everything is now done through the power of banking apps (every major bank in the US currently offers its own personalized app).

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