5 mistakes to avoid when you’re doing house interior decoration

5 mistakes to avoid when you’re doing house interior decoration

Interior designing in a budding profession right now. More and more institutes are being set up which offers the course. The work of an interior designer requires him or her to plan things out, do research, work out the coordinates and manage other things. It is a very hectic work indeed and working on changing a whole space requires a lot of creativity as well. Understanding what is right for your home, the things that will look cute and not too cluttered is important. Interior decorators in Bangalore always emphasize on the fact that less is too much, even though it might be really appealing to add another lamp to the living room, but just restrict yourself from adding too many pieces in one place. But if you are a first timer, you may have a few things to look out for.

Here is a list of 5 mistakes to avoid when you’re doing house interior decoration:

1. Get the lighting right: It actually depends on your client. Make sure that you have known their preference about the kind of lighting they want in different parts of the house. Installing either too much of lighting or too little of it, it is one of the biggest mistake that most designers end up making. Use your own common sense and think how you would like your living room or your bedrooms lights to be. The best way to avoid such situations is to go for layered lighting.

2. Do not cramp it up: Different colours work differently and show different results. For example too much of black furniture in a place can end up making the whole room look cramped and cluttered. Any dark colour ends up making the space look smaller and not so pleasing to the eyes. It is advisable to use colours which are lighter and look bright. Upholstery should always be in nice vibrant or soft colours so that the whole area looks more spacious. The sofas or chairs and even curtains can be just in off white or beige colours. Try avoiding dark colours like black or dark blue and other darker shades as much as you can.

3. Get the right rug: Even though it seems not so very important, it is actually true that rugs can make or break the whole aesthetic of your room. Rugs can be anywhere in the household and they add a kind of warmth and good feel to the interiors. The main problems while buying rugs for any room is their size. Make sure you get the right sized rug. Not a too big or small one. The best way to avoid mistakes when it comes to rugs is to just stick to rugs which are not floating and can be placed right beneath the sofas or you can just get the whole area to be covered by a rug.

4. Don’t match everything: One thing I have learnt while doing house interior decoration is that there is no need to match all your interiors, the latest trends of the season are pop out colours and having a mix n match of everything. Use a whole diversity of colours, textures and designs to create contrasting yet good looking room.

5. Do not over do the cushions: Cushions are comfortable, no doubt. But too many of them may just look cluttered and unorganised. Putting too many cushions on the sofa, will leave no space for the people to sit on. Having one or just two of them and maybe in some vibrant colours will make the whole setting look pretty.



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