Room Designers Share Their Favourite Interior Decor Hacks

Room Designers Share Their Favourite Interior Decor Hacks

Home is home. There’s no better place than it. There we said it, period and we bet you agree too. Home is where you find peace and comfort, that’s why you need to keep it aesthetically pleasing. Keeping it spick and span would help. But other ways as well can help your home stay refreshing, aesthetically pleasing, spacious, and interesting all season long.


That said, here we are spilling the beans as to what the top room designers have to say about that. Coming from them, here are some of their favourite home interior décor hacks to keep your home look and feel the best.


1. Go for Storage-Friendly Furniture

For most homemakers, large cabinets, cluttered spaces spoil the aesthetics of homes. Practising minimalism is the sure-shot way of getting rid of that problem. However, if your life depends on most of these items, decluttering and minimalism might not be the easiest way on the planet.

Instead, going for storage-friendly furniture can be the solution you’re looking for. By storage-friendly furniture, room designers do not only mean light furniture but the ones that solve your storage issues. To be much specific here, beds with drawers, and tables with drawers. Ditch the ones that do not come with storage spaces.


2. Add Greenery to Freshen the Space

Does your home interior feel mundane and claustrophobic? Adding a little greenery can freshen up the space. Not only that, according to research, plants can actually improve your mood significantly.

From an aesthetic point of view, nature has always been an ornament, it can never cease to beautify the space. Ergo, adding a little nature to your bedroom has always been the favourite hack of the best room designers.

Feel free to add metallic planters, they’re quiet in rage these days. They add a unique and pleasant touch to your home.


3. Invest in Rugs

Flooring can be a gamechanger for your house interior design. However, if you are someone who is not a big fan of your flooring, and changing it is not the most hassle-free and budget-friendly option for you, consider adding rugs to your flooring.

Rugs and carpets are the go-to home décor hacks of the best room designers. These elements can change the entire look of your home to make it a dreamy space.


4. Welcome Lamps to your Home

It’s a no-brainer that good lighting can do wonders to your house’s interior design. That’s why room designers have a common best friend – lamps, as they can liven up almost any space. The cherry on the cake is lamps with yellow light or natural white light have also been highly effective at improving moods.

So, if you’re someone who wants to make the room cosier and warmer than ever, lamps are the home décor elements to depend on.


5. Add Mirrors to Make Your Room Look Large

Struggling with a compact room? A mirror can be your knight-in-shining armour. A mirror can make any space look bigger through the power of reflecting. Ergo, feel free to add a mirror in your home (preferably large). You can add it on your almirahs, or on an empty wall to make your home or room look bigger.

Parting Thoughts

There you have it – all the favourite home décor hacks by the best room designers out there. Home décor doesn’t always have to tear down your wallet, use these simple tips to create your own version of paradise on Earth. You can also get the help of the expert team of designers at Livspace! With their excellent services and designer intellect, you can turn your home into a paradise.



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