5 of the most common medical malpractices and what to do about them

5 of the most common medical malpractices and what to do about them

It is the worst nightmare of so many that fall ill, need medical treatment, or have a reason to visit a doctor: medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice could be as benign as misdiagnosis, but the consequences could still be astronomical. Knowing what the most common medical malpractices are should enable somebody to be more wary, have a better understanding of what could go wrong, and know what it is they should do when they believe they have a claim.

What to do when there is a claim

In order to be able to claim for medical malpractice or medical negligence, it is essential that the claimant can prove they have suffered losses. It is these losses that will be paid back in compensation if ruled so in court.

For anybody who has suffered losses at the hands of medical malpractice, knowing how to make a claim is the all-important next step. What is essential is to find experts in medical negligence or malpractice and contact them for a free consultation. In order to do this with a welcoming and experienced firm, check out Lasorsa & Beneventano Attorneys At Law here!

If, rather than currently having a claim, simply knowing more about the most common medical malpractices is of interest, read on below.

1.    Misdiagnosis

The Washington Post reported in 2017 that as many as 20% of patients with serious conditions were first being misdiagnosed. Misdiagnosis can be incredibly harmful in a number of ways; not only might the correct treatment be delayed in a costly and potentially fatal manner, but the incorrect treatment could even be administered.

Ailments and diseases such as cancer or dementia can be treated and slowed to a much greater degree when caught early, meaning the correct diagnosis is essential first-time round.

2.    Prescriptions

Being prescribed the wrong medicine is dangerous for both the patient and the health care system. Patients taking the wrong medication or drugs could be harming their body, while the prescription of uncommon medicine is an expensive and precious loss of resources.

3.    Surgery

As can quite easily be imagined, malpractice or negligence during surgery can be particularly hazardous. Mistakes during surgery contribute to the worrying statistics that put medical errors third in the list of biggest killers in the United States after heart disease and cancer.

4.    Anesthesia

From the three types of anesthesia – local, regional, and general – a number of side-effects or adverse results can occur if administered incorrectly. These can manifest in the shape of simple nausea or vomiting but have also been known to result in long-term injuries and death.

A powerful drug, anesthesia can have complications for several reasons, but if the issues were caused by the fault of the anesthesiologist, then a claim is clearly possible.

5.    Childbirth

When a patient expecting a child is not monitored properly, illnesses are misdiagnosed, or they are placed in the hands of an inexperienced supervisor without assistance; mistakes can start to be made.

Medical malpractice surrounding childbirth clearly has increased jeopardy as both the mother and the child’s health could be compromised.

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