5 Tips for Keeping Your Staff Happy and Engaged

5 Tips for Keeping Your Staff Happy and Engaged

Keeping a happy, engaged staff is important for your business. If you’re not keeping your key employees happy, then you’re going to start seeing higher turnover rates, and this can cost your business.

Keeping your staff happy in their workplace doesn’t have to be difficult, and there are a number of simple steps you can take to make a change in this area.


Ensuring that your employees are happy doesn’t just mean assessing their pay, the benefits you can offer your employees make a big difference as well. Often small benefits might not cost a business a huge amount, but they can make a big difference to employee’s lives and how they view the company they work for.

From big benefits such as health and dental insurance and free childcare to small benefits like free fruit snacks, they can all make a difference to your employees.


A business’s culture plays a huge part in how employees view it. If there is a culture that places employee wellbeing at its heart, then this is going to show through. However, some businesses become known for high turnover rates and not doing enough to reward their staff.

Once you fall into this circle, it’s hard to overcome, but it is possible to do by addressing your business culture. Keeping your employees happy and engaged is important because finding new employees is expensive.

If your company culture prizes employees, then you will find they’re happier and more efficient.


You’ve got to give people the right tools to do their jobs. If people are trying to do their best without the right equipment, then it can be a demoralizing task.

Most employees want to work efficiently and do the best job possible, but you’ve got to give them the right tools to do this. Assess the areas that are in need of the most improvement by speaking to your teams. After all, they are the ones that are doing the job daily and will know what they need to do the job better. From this discovery, you will know exactly what needs to be adjusted. Note that each department will vary in what they need to use. Your IT department might need top quality computers, for instance, while your marketing team might need design programs to help them create eye-catching ads. In contrast, your sales department might need to use contract management software to make it much easier when needing to access important contracts for the clients they secure. Whatever they need to be able to do the job better, make sure to offer it.

Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest problems employees find in the modern work world is balancing their work commitments with other areas of their lives. People have more than just work going on, and the best companies recognize and embrace this.

We have lots of tools available to us to allow workers to work more flexibly in 2020, so make sure your business is using them. Flexible hours and remote working are issues that are very important to a large number of people, so make sure you’re doing what you can to facilitate them.

Office Environment

For those workers who are office-based, the worst thing in the world is having to spend huge chunks of your day in an environment you don’t enjoy. The office is a place of work, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be nice elements to it.

Try to brighten up the office with some greenery and natural light, and foster a team environment. The more people that feel comfortable in the office, the more they’re going to feel comfortable in your business.

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