6 Firearm Safety Tips

6 Firearm Safety Tips

As much as firearms may look like a great addition to any owner, they’re also dangerous. Gun accidents could be fatal to either you or those around you, and it’s therefore important that you find a way to maintain gun safety. In addition, the danger posed by guns has led to governments enacting laws regulating the use of firearms.

Gun owners can either choose to purchase a whole or purchase parts of it, then, later on, assemble themselves. Assembling a gun helps avoid background checks and regulations. This has led to people choosing to assemble gun parts such as ar15 80% lower and other receivers. However, you should note that a firearm that’s not well assembled possesses higher security risks, and you need to be extra careful.

Safety Tips When Handling Firearms

As discussed, firearms could be dangerous when mishandled. This applies to both home assembled guns and those purchased as a whole. For those who carry guns for security purposes or those who use them for fun activities like range shooting and hunting, here are some of the safety tips to help you:

1. Point the Muzzle to A Safe Direction

This is probably one of the essential safety tips for any gun, whether it’s loaded or not. Gun accidents usually occur when a bullet is fired at something that wasn’t intended. So, if you don’t intend to shoot, don’t point the gun in that direction.

You should also note that targets such as walls and ceilings aren’t always safe targets as bullets may penetrate or ricochet off and injure someone. When carrying a gun, the muzzle can point downwards and away from your feet. By observing this, you’ll avoid a significant deal of accidents.

2. Ensure the Barrel Is Free from Obstructions

Barrel obstruction could cause an explosion and severe injuries to the people around due to increased pressure inside it. It’s therefore important to check for any possible obstruction such as dirt and water in the bore. Use a cleaning rod to remove anything that may block the barrel. You can also cover the barrel using non-lubricated condoms when passing through water.

Another safety tip to ensure that the barrel isn’t obstructed is by checking the chamber and magazine for any ammunition. This helps you be aware of any extra bullets in your gun that may cause accidents. Finally, when firing, once you realize an abnormality in the sound, you should stop and check.

3. Unload Your Gun When Not in Use

One of the surest ways of preventing gun accidents is unloading your gun when not in use. This will help prevent accidents when placed in drawers and shelves. You should be aware that loaded guns pose a significant danger to children and other people in the house who aren’t familiar with gun safety guidelines.

Another way to keep your gun safe when not in use is by keeping it in a safe. Ensure that the safe security keys are only accessible to those who understand how to use a gun properly.

4. Don’t Rely on Your Gun’s Safety

Gun is a mechanical device, and therefore, it’s prone to fail at some point and cause accidents. Also, the gun’s safety may be mistakenly turned off, and you may think that’s it’s on. Because of these technicalities, you should use your common sense and instincts when handling guns and not rely on safety.

In case a gun falls, always check the safety pin even when it was turned on before. If the safety is between two points, that means it’s unsafe, and you should correct it. Always follow the proper guidelines regarding the safety pin instead of believing that’ll work correctly.

5. Know What You’re Aiming at And What’s Beyond

Whether you’re training, hunting, or in a firefight, always be aware of what you’re aiming at. Never shoot at anything you haven’t adequately identified and surfaces you aren’t sure of. When shooting at hard surfaces, the bullets may ricochet off and cause injuries to people around. Soft surfaces can also allow bullets to pass through and harm what’s beyond.

Being aware of what’s your target is very vital. This is because there’s a possibility of bullets penetrating the target and could accidentally harm someone in the background. You should also ensure that you shoot accurately to avoid hitting unintended objects.

6. Always Use Proper Ammunition

When using a gun, you should be aware of the correct ammunition as stated by the gun manufacturer. Improper ammunition can cause damages to the gun and severe injuries to the users. To avoid it, ensure that you purchase the right ammunition and be keen to read the instructions well before loading your firearm.


Using guns can be a fun and exhilarating experience for anyone. However, they can also be very dangerous when mishandled. It’s therefore crucial that you follow the proper guidelines on how to handle your gun.

Safety is a very important factor for you and all those around you. Be keen to follow your state’s regulation on handling firearms. Have fun and be safe.

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