A Guide To Choosing A Serviced Office To Suit Your Business Needs

A Guide To Choosing A Serviced Office To Suit Your Business Needs

Finding and renting out an affordable office space for your business in Australia can be prohibitively expensive these days. While an enterprise needs a place to conduct business and facilitate day-to-day work, companies often cannot justify the increasing expense of elaborate rental spaces that may sit unused most of the time.

Fortunately, serviced office spaces represent a budget-friendly and productivity-boosting alternative to traditional office suite rentals. Since the benefits of serviced offices extend beyond their affordability, the market for such spaces is on the increase, therefore, comparing serviced offices before making a decision on which provider is best for you is a smart idea.

To this end, let’s look at some tips and advice on choosing a serviced office to suit your business needs.

Reasonable Rates

Since this discussion began with an eye towards cost minimisation, it needs to be stated clearly that good serviced offices will be accompanied by affordable monthly rates. Even the best providers of serviced offices offer packages that can be justified on a startup’s budget. There is no need to pay for excessive and unnecessary space or for services that you do not need.

Look for a provider who only requires a one-month security deposit and offers a minimum contract of one month as well. Having this flexibility is essential, especially if your business is in the early stages of its life. You never know when and where you will need to expand to next, so keeping your options open is a prudent choice.

Professional Interior

It is critical that the interior spaces of your serviced office showcase a sense of professionalism and importance. Taking your surroundings seriously can demonstrate to your team and to visiting VIPs that you command respect and that you undertake your business dealings with the utmost sincerity.

In this regard, ensure that your serviced office is well-equipped with a high-quality fit-out. This includes interior design and décor that features marble, granite, leather, and original artwork. Imagine your team amid these surroundings and you will begin to see just how far your business can go.

Opting for a premium serviced office provider can also ensure that your interior surroundings are left unblemished by the branding of your provider. This will allow you to make the space your own and establish your own company culture in the space.

Reliable Support

Some serviced office providers are content with offering a bare-bones package that will give you four walls and an address. Do not settle for these basic services. Instead, look for a provider who can provide support in a variety of ways, beyond the basics of the space itself.

For example, this can and should include an office manager, a personal assistant, a secretary, and a receptionist, if needed. Having this administrative expertise at your disposal, made available by your serviced office provider, can take some of the burdens of running day-to-day affairs from your shoulders. You will be able to direct your efforts and attention to where they are most valuable and effective.

Instant Connectivity

Ensure that the serviced office you choose also comes readily equipped with up-to-date and reliable telecom connections. Given their necessity in contemporary business, this needs to include a local phone number and high-speed secure internet connections. If you should encounter any technical problems with these services, it is also essential that your serviced office provider offers IT support too.

Accept No Substitutes

All of these benefits and more can be had for a reasonable monthly rate with a premium serviced office provider. Avoid choosing a provider who cannot guarantee the above to maximise the value of your startup capital. Doing so will allow you to confidently move into your new serviced office and get down to business right away.


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