A Look at the Mental Benefits of Bingo

A Look at the Mental Benefits of Bingo

We tend to consider bingo as a simple yet appealing game that helps us to pass some time pleasantly as we cross off the numbers. Yet, may there also be mental benefits that we might want to be more aware of too?

It Could Boost Memory

Julie Winstone of Southampton University was reported to have told a British Psychological Society conference about the benefits of the game. She pointed out that bingo players were seen to be faster on a variety of tests than those who didn’t play the game.

Among the most important areas found to be better in bingo players is that of improved memory. Players get used to remembering exactly which numbers they are waiting on so that they don’t need to constantly look down at their card for confirmation.

It is worth remembering that this game was historically used for educational purposes in Germany. Remembering a series of numbers while listening out to the new numbers and being aware of what is going on around you is a fairly impressive feat that helps hone our memory skills, it seems.

Bingo May Help Hand-Eye Coordination

This is another area where it is vital for bingo players to perform well. A recent study from the University of Toronto found that playing video games helps to improve hand-eye coordination. Can we say the same thing for playing bingo?

Clearly, anyone who marks off their card needs to develop, or maintain, a high level of coordination. There appear to be no independent studies based purely on bingo, but anyone who has watched bingo players in action will have noticed the coordination they show.

More mature players may note that their reflexes improve if they start to play regularly. The repetitive nature of marking off a card helps to make this a task that becomes natural over time.

It Can Improve Concentration

Like many of the possible benefits we will look at here, improved concentration is something that is often mentioned in terms of older bingo players. However, with more and more younger players now attracted to the game, better concentration is also likely to be of use to them – especially considering our shortened attention spans due to the ever-presence of technology.

The task of tracking the numbers being called while remaining aware of which they are waiting on is made to look easy by experienced players. Some even deal effortlessly with the marking of various cards in one game.

Playing online makes things easier, as an auto-daubing option marks off called numbers automatically. On the other hand, it is possible to add more variety to keep your mind sharp. You can try a new bingo game online, by switching from 75-ball to 90-ball, or sampling special games like Deal or No Deal bingo.


The Social Aspect

The social benefits of playing bingo have been recognized for some time now too. These were traditionally gained from visiting a bingo hall with friends, which may have been the best opportunity in the week to catch up with one another.

Nowadays, many players are turning to online bingo for similar reasons combined with the added convenience of playing anywhere, any time. The thriving communities and easy to use chat functions on these sites make them ideal for anyone who wants to add some social playing time to their days.

Playing bingo is a way of relaxing and relieving stress after a long day, but there are signs that suggest that it could bring even more mental benefits if played regularly.



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