Common Reasons for Visiting an Orthopedic Doctor

Common Reasons for Visiting an Orthopedic Doctor

Orthopaedic specialists are trained in the care of muscles, joints, and bones. Although your primary care physician may treat normal back pain and muscle aches, some conditions need the expertise of an orthopaedic doctor.

You can type ‘orthopedist doctor near me’ on Google. You’ll be presented with various options on relevant orthopedists that can perform orthopaedic surgeries.


Now, there are many reasons why you would need to visit an orthopaedic doctor, and below are some prominent ones –


●    Repetitive Strain

Repetitive strain injuries are caused by regular and forceful movements, improper posture, and overuse of specific muscles. Such injuries generally impact arms, neck, back, and hands. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the common repetitive strains, which impacts the nerves and muscles of the hand. Stiffness, tingling, or tenderness in the affected area are the common symptoms of these injuries. If you are experiencing the same symptoms, then you should search for the best orthopedist doctor near me.


●    Sciatica

In this condition, the pain in the lower back extends through the leg and may even extend to your foot. Moreover, when one of the rubbery discs positioned between the two vertebrae in your spine is swelling past the normal level. This can cause serious pain and aggravate the sciatic nerve. In 90% of the cases, the pain goes away with the passage of time. But it is better to search for an orthopedist doctor near me and get the issue checked.


●    Hip Pain

You may experience pain within the joints or outside the hip, the buttock, or in the thigh. In case of minor hip pain, taking pain relievers, rest, heat or compress may help. But if the pain continues, then you should search for an orthopedist doctor near me and get the required treatment. This pain occurs due to arthritis or injury for which may need professional treatment.


●    Hip Replacement

If you experience constant pain during regular activities and other treatments are not working well, in this case, you may need hip replacement surgery. It is performed to replace disease or damaged hip with an artificial joint. The more active and healthy lifestyle you had before the operation, the better will be the result of the surgery. This surgery helps in reducing the pain and increasing the movement, thereby improving the quality of life.


●    Shoulder Pain

Pain in the shoulder can be the result of injury or disease to muscles, rotator cuff joints, or the tendons. Dislocations, arthritis, etc. can result in swelling, pain, and hindered range of motion. If this pain lasts for more than two to four weeks or results in discolouration and swelling, then you should get immediate medical attention.


Final Thoughts

Above are some of the reasons why people might search for an orthopedist doctor near me. If you are constantly experiencing pain in the muscles and bones, then you should consult an expert. This is because the pain you are experiencing can be the result of an underlying health issue. The sooner you get it checked, the lesser will be the complications, and better will be the results.

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