Dealing with Hair Loss

Dealing with Hair Loss

Hair loss is a widespread concern that affects both men and women and can have a significant impact on your self-confidence. It can be caused by several aspects, such as cancer treatments, illnesses, genetics or aging and can be either temporary or permanent. Knowing how to cope with baldness can be extremely difficult; especially if you’re someone who takes pride in their appearance and relies on your hair to make you feel complete. In this blog, we’re going to provide some key tips on how you can deal with hair loss and allow you to feel more confident in yourself:


Choose a flattering hairstyle

Baldness isn’t easy to tackle, especially when it is a permanent issue and you may be left with the worry of trying to conceal a receding hairline or bald patches that aren’t too obvious at the current time, but are causing you to lack confidence. With this in mind, you should aim to embrace a new hairstyle to draw attention away from thin spots. It would be best to keep the hair short (especially men) as this will disguise balding and prevent the anguish of seeing the hair gradually falling out.

Hair transplant

Another option to consider if you’re balding is to undergo a hair transplant with specialist medical professionals such as This medical procedure uses a donor’s hair follicles and embeds them into the patient’s scalp where thinning is occurring and allows the hair to grow naturally, as though it was your own. As a result, you’ll no longer have bald patches or a receding hairline that are causing you to feel insecure, and after the procedure, there is very minimal maintenance to worry about.


If you’re only suffering from temporary hair loss and embarrassed about your baldness, another alternative to consider would be to wear wigs. If you’re suffering from an illness and in need of financial help, some wigs may be available free of charge from your medical center.

Some people are enthusiastic about the prospect of wearing a wig as they have the freedom to choose any style and color they desire to sport an entirely new look. However, if you’d prefer to match your original hair color, you could opt to have a sample taken from the front of your hairline.

You can choose from either synthetic or real-hair wigs. Here are some aspects to consider for both types:

Synthetic wigg

•    Last up to 12 months

•    Can cause the scalp to become warm and irritated when worn for long periods

•    Little maintenance required

•    Less expensive than real hair wigs

Real hair wigs

•    Last up to 4 years

•    Can be difficult to preserve

•    Are more natural-looking in comparison to synthetic wigs

•    Are more expensive than synthetic wigs

Join a support group

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and are currently undergoing treatment that is causing hair loss, or even you’re experiencing a hair-loss illness such as alopecia, you should consider joining a support group to chat with others who are experiencing the same condition. This will allow you to feel less isolated and come to terms with your hair loss if you understand that others are in the same boat.


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