Wondering if Laser Hair Removal Really Works? Read On to Know More

Are you tired of going through sheer pain and agony during waxing sessions? Does shaving your body hair feel like a task on busy workdays? If your answer to both these questions was a big ‘yes’, we are sure you must have tried every hack on the internet to make hair removal easier and hassle-free.

But have you ever considered going for a laser hair removal treatment? We’re pretty sure the thought must’ve crossed your mind some time. If you are wondering whether laser hair removal really works, then read on to know more.

laser hair removal

What is laser hair removal treatment and how does it work?

Laser hair removal/reduction treatment is a non-surgical procedure where laser light is targeted on your skin’s melanin to weaken the hair follicles. Since the laser light is directed at a shaft of your hair, it only damages the follicle and does not kill it. The procedure is safe for all skin types as the beam from the laser light does not affect the surrounding skin.

To ensure effective results, you can go for 6 to 10 laser hair removal sessions. Furthermore,  before getting laser hair removal done, you should do your own research about the various tips to be kept in mind before and after a session. Also, you should know that laser hair removal treatment may not show significant results on grey hair. Last but not least, if you’re still overwhelmed and confused about laser hair removal, it’s best to visit a dermatologist before booking an appointment.


What are the steps followed during a laser hair removal session?

Once you have booked an appointment for a laser hair removal session, you will meet a well-trained dermatologist. Talk to them in detail about the treatment, and discuss the pros and cons. It’s important to share your medical history with any medical professional who is going to treat you. For instance, you must tell them if you suffer from acne or pigmentation.

To help you understand what happens during a laser hair removal session, we’ve broken it down for you in a few simple steps right here –

  1. Before starting the session, the professional will trim the hair on the targeted area.
  2. Then, they will apply a numbing cream on the area to be treated so that you don’t feel any pain.  The cream will be applied for around 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. You will be required to wear an eye protection mask so that the laser does not damage your eyes.
  4. A pulse of laser will be targeted to the treatment area. Initially, you will feel like a light rubber band is being snapped against your skin. This sensation reduces after the first session.
  5. Once the session is done, the professional will do a patch test to check for any reaction on your skin.
  6. To soothe your skin, the professional will give you an ice pack or use a cooling device on your skin.

Benefits of laser hair removal treatment

If you have been shaving or waxing your hair, you know how painful these can be. And so often you don’t even have the time to rush to a salon for waxing. That’s exactly when you wonder if you should consider a laser hair removal treatment!

We have curated a list of all the benefits that come with getting a laser hair removal treatment.

  1. It is almost painless – Well, you must have come across ads telling you how laser hair removal is a gift for people with excessive hair growth. It’s true. Not only is it a safe hair removal solution for your skin, but laser hair removal is also almost entirely painless.
  2. No adverse reaction – Remember those times when you got rashes on your skin after waxing your legs? With laser hair removal, you won’t face any such skin reactions.
  3. Prevents hair ingrowth – One of the most significant advantages of going for laser hair removal treatment is that it does not cause ingrown hair. While all hair removal solutions such as waxing or shaving can lead to ingrown hair, you can bid adieu to excessive hair without the risk of ingrown hair, with laser hair removal.
  4. It’s a long-term solution – Another advantage of choosing laser hair removal treatment is that it offers complete hair reduction. That being said, in some cases, people might need to undergo one or two sessions after a few months or a year.
  5. Saves money – Going for a laser hair removal treatment helps you save money as you avoid frequent visits to the salon.

But choosing the right skincare brand can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available. Don’t worry. We’ll tell you about a trustworthy and leading skincare brand.

skinnsi can be your best buddy when it comes to laser hair removal treatment plans. Whether you want your entire body hair-free or target a specific area, skinnsi can help. Visit their website to know more about their services.

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