Demolish Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Learn the Roots of Cloud, All with the Help of Exam Dumps

Demolish Microsoft AZ-900 Exam and Learn the Roots of Cloud, All with the Help of Exam Dumps

With Microsoft, Anyone Can Do It

Why Microsoft? In this day and age, there is no doubt that Microsoft is an instantly recognizable name across the world. As such, any certification it offers has the scope for reeling in more and more opportunities. But if you think such a high profile company would be concerned with people that have exceptional knowledge, that simply isn’t true. So even though they offer badges at Associate & Expert levels Microsoft also caters to absolute beginners, for whom ‘technical’ is alien turf. One such role-based certification on offer is Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals. You can obtain it by passing its related exam Microsoft VCE Practice Test that checks your knowledge of the very popular Cloud computing platform.

In this article, let’s learn more about this test, its details, benefits, and some preparation tips.

How It Works?

What makes this even sweeter is that this is a single exam credential. Thus, you need to pass only AZ-900 to become Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certified. Further, you can earn Microsoft badges in Azure Apps, Infrastructure, Data, Azure AI, and other certification paths available at the associate level. However, this fundamental-level exam does not act as a prerequisite along the line for your associate and expert-level assessments.

Exam Details

Diving deep into the Microsoft AZ-900 exam details, know that it includes 40-60 questions that you need to complete within 85 minutes. Microsoft doesn’t disclose the exact number of exam questions available in the test, you’ll know it right at the exam. You can sit for this test in English or Chinese language at the relatively low price of $99. To add more the passing score is 700. To know more about AZ-900 exam, visit the Microsoft official website.

The skills tested by this assessment can be divided into four main domains. Let’s review each of them in detail.

Voyage Interesting Learning Content: The Skills Measured

A part of the exam questions will monitor how well you understand cloud concepts like distinguishing between public & hybrid cloud models for example. Or how Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is different from Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Also learning key terms on the cloud aspect like ‘scalability’ and ‘fault tolerance’. All this will cover 15-20% of the syllabus.

The next 30-35% will be based on your understanding of the most important elements of core Azure services. In this section, you’ll be familiarizing yourself with ideas such as ‘availability zones’, ‘research groups’, and some others. You’ll need to describe products that Azure offers for Databases (like Azure SQL), for Compute (like Virtual Machines), and for Networking (like VPN Gateway). Also, you need to know the solutions that Azure provides: Azure Machine Learning Service and Studio for Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, and Azure DevTest Labs for DevOps Solutions, etc.

Your understanding of Security, Privacy, Compliance & Trust will get you through the next 25-30% of the syllabus. So you will come to know about Azure Firewall, Azure DDoS Protection, and Network Security Groups (NSG). You will also need to understand issues like how ‘authentication’ is different from ‘authorization’, understand all of Azure’s security tools & features, and also learn about Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Topics such as understanding the benefits of Azure Service Health (one of their monitoring & reporting options), learning key compliance terms like ISO & NIST, knowing the Service Trust Portal, and being able to determine whether or not Azure is appropriate for a business need all come under this banner.

And finally, what makes up the last 20-25% of this course: understanding their pricing & support policies. Here you will deal with their subscription plans, cost management & pricing calculators. You will also understand what influences these costs like location or ingress and egress traffic, for example. Roll over their available support plans, nibble a bit into their Service Legal Agreements (SLA) — and by the time you dig into monitoring feature updates and product changes, congrats, you’re all done!

However, the above-mentioned list of the points is not complete. To learn the exam domains and the required topics thoroughly, you should visit the Microsoft website.

Microsoft’s Preparation Resources

Now, what does Microsoft do to help you prep for this undertaking? A lot actually. Firstly, they have a free option for you to learn the tested skills with a 12 module online course. We were very impressed by these concise, engaging and easy to understand modules. And complete beginners can definitely pick up pace in learning because of this.

Secondly, a paid two-day instructor-led preparation option is available for those interested. Also, Microsoft provides their own practice tests, written by IT experts, that candidates can make use of. These go in-depth on all the assessment objectives of the paper so you can excel on exam day. The Certification Mode on these official mocks allows you to take the test like it was the real one. Practice Mode allows you to make tweaks and customize how you want to take the paper. There are also options to view detailed explanations and answers that will be helpful for your real assessment.

Alternative Resources: Exam Dumps from ExamSnap

The more different materials you use, the more improved your preparation becomes. Many candidates added exam dumps to their list of preparation resources and noted they are valuable. But the catch is to find a reliable source with actual and updated dumps and that is why we recommend you to visit ExamSnap.

Although it has an up-to-date Premium Bundle for AZ-900 at only $39.97, it also grants you access to tons of dumps for free. These free practice questions and answers are uploaded by recent test takers while the premium files are additionally verified by IT professionals. Also, note that the Bundle includes not only the dump but also a training course and a study guide.

ExamSnap offers files in vce format, so the test engine you’ll need to use is the VCE Exam Simulator designed by the Avanset team. The benefit of this software is that it puts you in the exam environment. There you may learn the topics needed, get familiar with the exam structure and question types, and as a result reduce your anxiety at the real exam.

What’s Holding You Back?

Everyone seems to scan out ‘Microsoft Certified’ when skimming through resumes, so why not add it to your CV too? A boost to your career, a pay rise, and many new opportunities await you. So what are you waiting for? Use ExamSnap for AZ-900 exam preparation, pass it successfully, and achieve the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals credential!

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