Dimensional Travel is 2BLIKEu Founder's Next Venture!

Feb 03, 2017 Mark

Press Release (ePRNews.com) - MANHATTAN, N.Y. - Feb 03, 2017 - “My first venture was called “The Power of Thought” because my objective at the time was to create a system that would allow me to cut through Time and Space!  And traveling at the speed of light was just not an option because it is too unstable.  Even if my system could travel at the speed of light it would still take man too long to get from one galaxy to the next.   So in order to understand what space is, one must start with this simple principle that Space is “Living Energy” that is constantly erupting!  To simplify Space growth all one has to do is look at the State of Hawaii; a State that is comprised of hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles.  With each eruption/volcano, growth takes place but instead of us watching a Volcano Erupt, we can look up at the stars and witness a Supernova generating an unlimited amount of New Energy that allows space to expand and give birth to new Planets and Galaxies!

And for those who don’t know what a Supernova is, it’s a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass.

When I look at all the different (flawed) theories (Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, James Clerk Maxwell, Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble) that some of the best known scientists based their equation on, all I can see is a Puzzle that has a Single Piece that is constantly in motion!  Just stop for moment and ask yourself how different would Isaac Newton’s equation be if Galileo Galilei was able to measure the speed of light? Since each of these men Equation is based on those that came before them in some ways, the flaw within the equation was never corrected.  Even Quantum Physics does not address Living Matter or Energy on the Atom Level. More important, none of these men ever saw the same piece or moment of Time and Space!  And there is no such thing as Empty Space!  Every bit of space is full of Invisible Energy! Invisible Energy that keep Galaxies from crashing into each other!  And even when the Universe can’t feed itself and collapses in on itself, it is just a matter of time before it gives birth to itself!   A rebirth of “Living Energy” that will need to expand in order to survive!

Dimensional Technology Applications:
Organs’ Farming
Replacement Surgery
Military Deployment
First Strike Shielding
Disease Filtering
Dimensional Highway Mapping for Self-Driving Cars, Trucks and Buses
Educational Implants
Dimensional DNA Skinning
Space DNA Conversion Stations

Up to this point everything we know is based on a One Dimensional Viewpoint!  And only when we are able to go beyond the Speed of Light will we be able to see that Time and Space are not connected and Time is not slowing down but we are actually entering a new level of Speed that is called Thought Speed!  A level of speed where man would be able to move Backwards or Forward in Time.   Albert Einstein theory is based on the Transformation that takes place once one moves faster than the Speed of Light!  Albert Einstein believed that Time and Space starts to slow down the faster one moved. But Time Cease to Exist when one is moving at the Speed of Thought!  So the Laws that govern the Speed of Sound and Light cannot be applied to the Speed of Thought because of the Dimensional Transformation that takes place.   It is the natural change that’s built into each level of speed. Thought is the highest level of speed that exist in the Universe!  Understanding this level of speed will give us clues of how the Universe was created. Everything we see, touch, taste, say or hear started as a THOUGHT! When we are cut off from Thought the body can’t function or goes through the motions of living off of short term memories. And in some ways this is what happens to Time and Space when you are moving at the Speed of Thought! Time Cease to Exist on this Dimensional Level…

Now to understand Dimensional Travel, just imagine being able to travel in Multi directions all at the same time?  And to understand the speed of Dimensional Travel, just BLINK!  It’s a trillion times faster than a Blink….  Better yet, let me try to dumb it down a bit.  Set a Computer Motherboard on a table.  Then rub your hand in your hair or on a carpet!   Now slowly touch the end of the Motherboard with one finger. That electrical spark that instantly moves through the Motherboard is how Dimensional Travel will allow man to explore every corner of space one day…INSTANTLY! Being able to harness and direct Invisible Energy or simply become that electrical spark, will permit man to travel at the Speed of Thought! But we cannot continue to apply the same theory to the three different levels of Speed!

Speed Levels:
•    Sound
•    Light
•    Thought

What we have yet to come to terms with is “Light” is still in its Infancy stage when it comes to the Universe!  And the Universe is not subject to time!  This is why we will never really know how old the Universe is!!! It was never meant to be measured.  Just like man was never meant to die on this planet. We are 100 years away from where we should be! Not because of technology, but a lack of vision! Man is a creature that has the DNA Structure that can survive on another planet.  Plus we have the Technology to create Portable DNA Conversion Stations.  And as crazy as this may sound, we are the life that we seek! Because the moment we setup roots in a different galaxy or planet, the environment will change our DNA Makeup; thus creating Human Hybrids, that might require us to shed our bodies or allow us to communicate with each other without speaking!

The life that we seek or hope to find in this pool of “Living Energy” is us!  And how much we change could give weight to Mr. Stephen Hawking Alien theory!  But to limit man to a single planet, places the human race at risk!  Especially with Unstable Leaders in the U.S., Dictators and Terrorism; it’s the only way the human race will survive a Global Disaster…  Everything I am about to do is based on giving my grandkids an option to travel the Universe. But “Life” is not something that just happen! Everything in the Universe has purpose and meaning… And with more than 7 billion people on earth, I believe the Universe is waiting for us to discover ourselves!”, said Vince C. Moulterie Founder and Chief Designer of 2BLIKEu Lifestyles Network.

Mr. Moulterie will be stepping down as Executive Team Leader and Chief Designer of 2BLIKEu at the end of June 2017. And will retain ownership of all Apps, Retail/Banking Software, Product Talkings & Virtual Gaming Technology and 2BLIKEu Motion Systems that was created by him.  Mr. Moulterie son will take over all operational leadership duties during the transition.  And will be joined by Mr. Moulterie Daughter.

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