Effective Tips When Transporting Fragile Packages


When you hear the word fragile most people assume that a box contains glass, china, or perhaps a nice piece of pottery. These are fragile items which can be easily broken during transport. However, they are not the only fragile items. A wide variety of foods, especially fresh produce, can be considered fragile. Equally, medical supplies and even electronics can be considered fragile. They may be able to withstand more knocks than a set of glasses, but if the temperature moves too far in either direction, electronic items can be literally fried.

That means, alongside the following tips which apply to transporting all fragile items, you need to invest in wireless temperature monitoring. This is attached to your package and monitors the temperature throughout its journey.

The device records all temperature changes and you can see the pdf report of its journey via USB. This will instantly and accurately tell you if the package has been outside of the intended temperature zone. Being able to tell this will help you isolate when issues have occurred and who is at fault. In short, monitoring the temperature isn’t just important, it’s essential.

The Right Packaging

Of course, to send any package, fragile or not, you need the right packaging. You should look for a box that is just bigger than the item you’re transporting. This reduces the ability of your product to move in transit.

Every bit of space around the item should be filled with a suitable packaging material. There are plenty of environmentally friendly options. By filling all the gaps you will ensure that any bumps and knocks are absorbed by the packaging and not the product.

It can also help to wrap the item in a protective layer, such as a sheet of bubble wrap. This protects against impacts and even piercings. The more option you consider and protect against the more likely it is your fragile item will be delivered in one piece.

The Transport Service

To ensure your fragile package is handled carefully and gets to its destination at the right time, you need to choose a transport service you can trust. Check with friends, colleagues, and even look on social media. You are certain to find one in your vicinity with a good reputation for looking after their parcels.

Even if this costs a little more it’s better to ensure the fragile items get where they need to be in one piece. A good reputation takes time to be earned, it’s worth choosing a transportation specialist who has earned your trust.

Mark It Fragile

It can seem obvious but many people forget to mark their parcels as fragile. Naturally, the transport crew are busy. They also won’t know what is fragile and needs extra care and what isn’t. That’s why you should mark all boxes clearly as fragile. It will encourage them to handle it with care.

Of course, each parcel also needs a delivery address and confirmation of the sender. That will help if there are any issues.



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