Egg Donation is on the Rise Across the US

Egg Donation is on the Rise Across the US

The process of getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term is not always a straightforward one. In fact, nearly seven million people in the US experience fertility issues every year.

With the high demand for fertility services, the need for egg donation is also high across the country. Fortunately, egg donation is on the rise in the US.

What is Egg Donation?

Single women and couples will sometimes have to use donor eggs in order to conceive a child if they have fertility issues.

Women who want to have babies later in life may also have to use a donor egg of a younger woman; this is because egg quality begins to decrease after 35 years of age.

Why is Egg Donation Necessary?

It can be observed over the last few years that more and more couples are waiting to have children. This means that parents are often in their late 30s or early 40s when trying to conceive.

There are several societal reasons for this, such as the pursuit of a stable career and the desire to achieve financial security before thinking about starting a family.

The problem with waiting is that this can often mean fertility has already started to decline by the time a person begins attempting to get pregnant. This might then require that medical intervention is necessary, which may require a donor egg as part of the process.

The improved availability of IVF, and a more widespread acceptance of this type of intervention, has also prompted more single women and couples to explore it as an option.

How to Donate Eggs

If you are interested in donating your eggs to help someone else have a baby, then this is a fantastic action to take.

A quick online search for egg donation near me will help you to understand where you can go to donate your eggs.

In order to become an egg donor, you will usually have to fit the following criteria:

•    Be a woman aged between 21 and 32 years old

•    Be a non-smoker

•    Not be using any recreational drugs

•    Not currently have a sexually transmitted disease

•    Be of a normal height and weight

It is normal to expect that you will be compensated financially for donating your eggs, with a normal payment per egg cycle usually amounting to at least $5000.

Increased Interest in Egg Donation

More and more women are embracing the benefits of donating their eggs, and this is helping to meet demand in the US.

The financial advantage of doing so is one of the leading factors; however, many women are also interested in helping other women to start a family.

It is totally normal for a woman to donate eggs to someone that she does not know via a clinic, and it is also normal that a woman will donate eggs to someone that she does know.

It is also not uncommon that a woman who is currently undergoing IVF treatment will donate some of her eggs in order to offset the cost of her own treatment.

This increased interest in egg donation is good news for women who are hoping to conceive in this way.



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