Essential Video Templates that Will Save Your Time

Essential Video Templates that Will Save Your Time

Videos are absolutely the go-to marketing solution for every business, be it small or large. Before the onset of the internet, hardly anyone made videos if they weren’t shown on the TV or in a cinema. Times have changed a lot though and practically everyone is promoting his business with a video. Ultimately, you’ve got the choice of whether to get an agency to do your video or to edit your video from templates on your own with an online video editor.

What is a Video Template?

You have certainly already seen templates in your office app for applications and presentations. If you build your webpage, you also have the advantage of using a template. It saves you the funds to spend for an agency or a freelancer. You can easily do all of it yourself.

The same basically also goes for video templates. You could make a video from scratch, but you’d require video editing skills, and creating a video already is a daunting task in itself. And of course, it takes quite some time. Moreover, to even make a video, you need professional gear and actors as well as extras.

Enter templates of an online video editor. Professional video editors make videos and offer them for video editors, for example. Their videos basically serve as a template. You only pick a template that suits your needs, add your text and other content and there you go. Another huge advantage to creating a video from scratch is that a template already provides you with some structure. Without a structure, you also have to come up with one on your own.

You can make videos for your business as easily as a web page. You don’t have to be a professional video editor anymore to make professional videos.

Where to Get Video Templates

You could simply do an online search to find video templates. Practically, almost every video editing software comes with a bunch of templates. Some editors offer more templates than others. The choice is rather overwhelming. Hence, templates are usually categorized to make it easier for you to find what you’ve imagined.

How to Work With Video Templates

Before you can use any video templates, you need to sign up with an online video editor. Next, you only choose which template you’d like to choose and then you can customize it. You can change the footage, add text, sound effects and customize the music. Don’t forget to add your own logo at the end. Lastly, you’ll only have to download it. Alternatively, you can directly share it on any platform.

These are the most essential video templates

There are templates for every use, your imagination is the only limit. Especially for businesses, these are the most important video templates to look out for.

For your new products & services:

Especially for social media platforms, videos with a length of a maximum of two minutes are best. That’s about the time a potential buyer spends at most when he or she is watching your video. Don’t forget the larger reach on social media platforms either.

●    Instagram Ads – promote your new products and services with a video that’s already square-shaped. You can customize the ratio of your video with any online video editor. Instagram ads might be valuable for dropshipping businesses.

●    YouTube Ads – YouTube has become one of the most important outlets for marketing videos. For YouTube videos, you’ll need a 4k resolution of your video which you can apply with just one click via an online video editor. Take advantage of the demonetization YouTube has just introduced.

●    Facebook Videos – Almost half of the world has signed up on Facebook. Showcase your new products on Facebook and benefit from reaching a larger audience. It’s THE place to advertise your new superfood supplements and make people aware of healthier eating habits.

●    Non-profit – Tell the world of your cause with a simple short clip you’ve customized with an online video editor. Especially non-profit organizations benefit from it since they are short on funds and can’t engage with an agency.

For community engagement:

Community engagement videos are usually of low promotional content. You don’t promote your products or services, but your brand.

●    Funny templates – Admittedly, people forget to laugh. Make them laugh with slapstick as you point to your brand between the high tides of sales.

●    Pride Month – You could make special offers for services during Pride Month and benefit from the word of mouth the community has to offer.

●    Listicle Videos – Your product on an important list could make the world a better place or at least make life easier for potential customers.

●    Meme videos – Use a meme video to advertise discounts and show your contemporary engagement.

For holidays & promotions:

Special holidays are the most important time of every business. Promote special offers or seasonal products with a short video clip you’re made. After all, you’re busier with sourcing the sales and getting your staff ready. With little effort on the side, you make your video with an online video editor and can switch your focus back to your business.

●    Holiday Sales – Make a short clip about your upcoming sale with discounts no one could withstand taking advantage of. Do you have special holiday-themed products? With a video, it’s easy to advertise on social media and on your webpage.

●    New Year’s – Wish your customers a Happy New Year and maybe offer even a discount code that’s only valid on the 1st of January. It’ll be quick and easy to make a video before X-mas and schedule it ahead of time. You and your staff will be with family and you don’t have to worry about timely adverts.

●    Back To School – Offer special deals when summer break is over. You know the kids need some new pens and paper or cute school accessories only you can offer. Parents are most likely on the lookout for bundle offers which you can quickly promote with your video.

●    Father’s & Mother’s Day – Father’s and Mother’s Day is one of the most important days around the world. Promote special offers for gifts and services that will make the day of any father or mother.

Parting Words on Using Online Video Editor and its Video Templates

Finally, it’s important to understand that video templates are incredibly reliable. Depending on what you’re working on at the moment, it’s always good to have a strategy at hand. If you are a content creator you’ll use different methods of video editing than a video marketing professional. So, make sure to use video templates cleverly.

Remember, a video template is a tool, so you should use it accordingly. If not, there’s a chance you might alienate your viewership.

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