Exercises to improve your lower body strength and balance

Exercises to improve your lower body strength and balance

There are numerous linkages between lower body strength and the body balance even though stereotypically these are discussed with a distinction and often the exercises suggested for either of them are different. While conventionally balance is associated with yoga and lower body strength is associated with lower back and leg exercises, however, there are numerous exercises which will improve both, lower body strength and balance in a person. While balance is often associated with looking graceful while standing or walking or even sitting, these are just the perks of having a good balance. Some of the other benefits of having a good balance include improvement of overall fitness and enhanced overall movement function. While one may argue that simply getting a treadmill for rent and jogging on it regularly might stop their problems however that may not always be the case.The lower body strength is dependent on the strength of your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves and a good balance is also dependent on these along with having a strong core. So let us look at some of the exercises that will help you in actually improving both your lower body strength and balance.

●    Sumo squat

This exercise is probably the most potent of the lot in jointly improving both your lower body strength and balance by engaging the core along with leg muscles, especially when done with kettlebells.

●    Lunges coupled with oblique crunches

This is an excellent exercise that targets the inner thighs, glutes along with obliques. You can also increase the intensity of this exercise by holding weights while doing it.

●    Plank with flying plane arms

In this exercise the action of lifting and mobilizing improves the core strength and also challenges your stability thereby giving you a chance to practice your balance. You can also make the exercise difficult by bringing the leg closer and easy by separating them.

●    Arm sequence coupled with lifted heels

Lifting your heels after standing in a narrow stance makes your center of gravity unstable thereby giving you an opportunity to practice stabilizing it. You can go one step ahead by moving your hands up. You can also bend your knees in a repeated motion

●    Side bends

Side bends are excellent exercises for getting your oblique toned down. Side bends, however, should not be done with huge weights but if done with limited weights and used in incremental order will help in strengthening the core. You can also increase the difficulty of the exercise by standing on one foot and alternating between the two feet.

●    Standing crunch plus under the leg clap

Movement while standing on one leg will prove to be extremely beneficial for improving your balance. In addition to this, the crunches in the alternate position will also tone your core.

While using the foot massager you got for rent may prove to be helpful for legs for when you are tired, however, it may not always prove to be sufficient hence do try to incorporate the above-mentioned exercises in your fitness routine.



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