Greatest American Sports Stars Of All Time

Greatest American Sports Stars Of All Time

Being one of your country’s greatest sports stars of all time is certainly a position that many sports stars strive to be when they are near the top of their sports. Getting to the top in the sport is one thing but staying there and become a legend of the sport and your countries greatest is another and so below we look at some of the greatest American sports stars of all time.

First of all, this list wouldn’t be complete without the legend of golf which is Tiger Woods who revolutionised the way we play golf ever since he burst onto the scene. Woods is truly one of the greatest golfers on not just our generation, but of all time and he really did achieve greatness. During his playing career he won 65 PGA Tour wins and 14 Major Championships which he is now only Jack Nicklaus who has 18 majors. The reason why we believe Woods is one of the greatest American sports stars is due to the longevity in the sport when it was possibly the most competitive.


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Next up on the list of greatest American sports stars has got to be Michael Jordan who is without a doubt the best basketball player of all time, only to be challenged by Lebron James. The impact that Jordan had on the Chicago Bulls during the 90’s tells the story as they won the NBA championship 91, 92, 93, 96, 97 and 98 and Jordan because MVP for 5 times during these series. Not only that, but that Jordan became that iconic that he landed a huge deal Nike that became one of the most successful selling trainers of all time.


And finally, and possibly not just the best American sports star of all time, but the most iconic sports star of all time is Muhammad Ali who became iconic after his saying “float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” He was one of the greatest performers both inside and outside the ring as his slick skills will be remembered for his charismatic way that he was. Even though he was defeated five times, he was named back in 1999 as the ‘greatest sportsman of the century”.


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