How Clearout Email Verification Helps Marketers to Increase Email Marketing ROI by 5x

How Clearout Email Verification Helps Marketers to Increase Email Marketing ROI by 5x

Emails can be a lucrative source for business growth if your email marketing funnel is operating at full efficiency. Your email marketing might be profitable currently, but by use of some special email services the ROI from campaigns can be increased.

One such service is email verification. Broadly speaking, email verification is the process of establishing the validity of an email address and improving the odds that it belongs to a real person.

Clearout is one of the top bulk email verifiers that has been accredited with 5 certifications within a year. It carries out more than 20+ refined validation checks to conclude the status of every email address in your data and guarantees 98%+ accuracy.

With over 400 million+ emails already verified; more than 15 million email IDs verified per day let’s see how this easy-to-use email verifier can increase your ROI up to 5X.

Warning: Some of the features are exclusively available on Clearout (e.g.: Clearout for Google Sheet- an email verification Add-on). Assuming they are available on other email verifiers too can disappoint you 😉

1.    Stronger sender reputation

Importance of Sender reputation – You might think that letting a few emails slip through won’t harm your campaign or company. Well think again as sending emails to non-existent addresses can land your company in all kinds of spam/blacklists.

This will cause ISPs to become suspicious of your business and lower your sender reputation. As a result, the ISP’s will simply force your emails to land up in spam folders and you will never reach your potential customers.

You don’t want something as simple as not having an email checker tool tripping up your email campaigns right?

Clearout solution – Clearout’s special algorithms are designed to provide highest accuracy in determining the status of email addresses and to remove abuse, spam traps, temporary and invalid addresses to capture the legitimate prospects and keeping away all negative aspects that can hamper emails from getting delivered. Ultimately strengthening the sender reputation.

2.    Guaranteed delivery

Need of delivery guarantee – You invest a great amount of time to prepare email campaigns which include research, segmenting, designing and targeting.  Starting the campaign without verifying the email list can easily drain down all this hard work by returning a huge bounce.

BUT using an email verifier does not guarantee the  email deliverability  and there are chances that you may face a dispute amongst ‘catch-all’, ‘unknowns’ & ‘disposable’ email addresses.

Clearout solution– Clearout’s special algorithms, which are being upgraded with each passing day, are backed up with a 97% deliverability rate guarantee. In other words, when you verify your email addresses with Clearout, we guarantee that the bounce rate will not be more than 3% in case of messages sent to “Guaranteed Deliverable” email addresses or the flag Safe-to-Send set as “Yes”

3.    Reduce ESP cost  

ESP charges – When using an ESP(Email Service provider) to send out campaigns, you are charged per email address you send out your emails to. Not using an email verifier before running a campaign means you are being charged for -duplicate, invalid, catch-all, unknown email addresses too!

The junk email addresses are not just damaging your sender reputation but burning a hole in your pocket.

Clearout solution–Clearout’s bulk verification is capable of verifying millions of email addresses and segregating their status into valid, invalid, catch-all, unknown, disposable.

Moreover, a user is not charged for verification of duplicate or unknown email addresses. Clearout seamlessly integrate s with all top ESPs avoiding any manual efforts of upload/download.

4.    Bid Adieu to CRMs as Google Sheets are here

Use of CRM – Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are mostly used to store customer and prospect contact information and carry out the analysis accordingly. HubSpot, Zoho, Freshsales are widely used CRMs, but not everyone cannot afford them, especially medium and small scale businesses.

For them Google Sheets is a better option as it is free of cost, easy to use and has thousands of add-ons to make the data management better but verification of data turns out confusing & tedious as it involves loads of uploading, downloading, copying & pasting.

Clearout for Google Sheets – Clearout is available as an email verification add-on for Google sheets using which you may verify email addresses directly on Google Sheets. Save money, time and enhance overall productivity. With persistent use of COFS, our client reported a growth in lead capturing by 42% within 2 months, and by the removal of unnecessary expenses, an overall growth of 21% was reported.

5.    Team accounts to team up efforts

Why team accounts are good for Email verification – At an individual level a team account may not sound captivating but if you think at an enterprise level team accounts are mandatory for better ROI and management.  For example – If every person in a team has created individual accounts on Clearout, at times of need such credits cannot be shared. There can be situations when one team member runs out of credits while other member(s) do have spare credits, but the credits cannot be shared. The enterprise has to incur extra cost, dropping the ROI %

Clearout team accounts – Any account can be upgraded to ‘team account’ wherein you can

•    Invite members

•    Grant access and permissions

•    Share credits

•    Access the stored & verified lists

•    Monitor the account & data usage

6.    Reduction in manual efforts

Manual verification: Sure you can verify your email list manually, checking each email address with an incorrect local part like’gmil’ or ‘yahomail’ and check for the email addresses that bounced previously and check were they hard bounce or soft bounce. But take it from me, it is going to take an era for you to finish a list, a time that could have been devoted to some task much more productive.

Clearout solution: Requires minimal manual efforts which is limited to registration & activation. Moving on, the verification process can be automated by linking your ESP/ CRM account with Clearout. Other automation platforms like Zapier &Integromat can be used to connect thousands of other applications with Clearout. With API integration or installing Clearout as email validator WordPress Plugin, the email addresses can be verified at the point of entry i.e. when a new user signs up to your website or form.

7.    Customer retention leading to current & future growth

What makes customers leave?

•    When you are a seller – A customer needs constant nurturing & attention.  No email verification means landing up in spam which further means no interaction with the buyer/subscriber. This increases the possibility that with time your brand can fade-away from the minds of the customers and they may move to your competitors.

•    When you are an agency:  Without email verification the ROI of email marketing campaigns are meant to dip as every month 10.5% email addresses become inactive due to various reasons. If you are unable to deliver the results, and customers are getting lower and lower ROI with every next campaign, it will all lead to leaving you behind and replacing them with an agency that understands the importance of email verification.

Clearout solution not only the best quality email verification services, but Clearout has

Panel of highly appreciated customer support service that come out of their way to

Provide the best email marketing tips. Live chats, demos available 24*7 ensuring you get the best services that can be carried forward in your own business/service.

As a wise user do analyse the quality of the product, support service and price before making a decision. Look at the comparison among top email verifiers to make your job easy.



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