How Do I Qualify for an Elmiron Lawsuit?

How Do I Qualify for an Elmiron Lawsuit?

Elmiron is a drug commonly prescribed by doctors to treat interstitial cystitis, a urinary tract ailment. Cystitis is common in females and is typically referred to as bladder pain syndrome. Elmiron is quite popular in the US as it is the only medicine approved by the FDA to treat interstitial cystitis. However, recent research has raised a lot of questions about Elmiron’s side effects.

Elmiron Side Effects and Injuries

Research studies conducted on this bladder pain drug have indicated that patients who have consumed the Elmiron drug developed an eye disorder named maculopathy that could cause blindness. Some of the common maculopathy symptoms include:

–    Vision loss

–    Vision impairment

–    Difficulty while reading

–    Difficulty in seeing objects close to the eye

–    Dimness of vision

–    Difficulty adjusting the eyes to darkness

–    Dark spots observed in the center of vision

–    Less vivid colors

–    Halo or blurred vision

–    Unilateral or bilateral blindness

Based on these symptoms experienced after Elmiron consumption, doctors have started recommending patients to discontinue this drug and immediately get an ophthalmic examination for early detection of maculopathy. If you are still consuming Elmiron for your bladder pain, contact a medical professional immediately and seek an Elmiron alternative.

How Can You Qualify for an Elmiron Lawsuit?

Suffering from eye disorders can be a stressful experience. The negligent Elmiron drug manufacturers whose carelessness has caused patients to lose their eyesight or suffer from eye illness should be held accountable for their actions. If you are experiencing any serious eye conditions such as retinopathy, scotoma, maculopathy, or pigment maculopathy that you believe is due to your Elmiron use, you could qualify to file a claim and receive a settlement.

The research surrounding the Elmiron drug is relatively new,and conclusive findings are yet to be established. However, there is enough evidence to show that there is definitely a link between Elmiron consumption and retinal maculopathy. Many patients are still unaware that they could be eligible to file an Elmiron lawsuit and receive a settlement. If you are suffering from any of the eye conditions listed above, get in touch with a dangerous drug lawyer immediately as they can help review your case and file for your claims.

How can an Expert Dangerous Drug Lawyer Help you?

Any form of eye illness or disorder can greatly affect your day-to-day activities and hamper the quality of your life. Losing vision can also cause tremendous mental and emotional anguish and suffering. The people responsible for the toxicity of Elmiron should be held accountable, and you should receive a settlement for your pain and suffering.

An experienced dangerous drug lawyer can help you seek justice for your eye disorders and bring in the necessary resources required to prove negligence on the part of Elmiron drug manufacturers and distributors. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney can take away your stress and fight the lawsuit on your behalf so that you receive fair compensation for your damages and injuries.


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