How much pay can a Project Manager expect in Kolkata

How much pay can a Project Manager expect in Kolkata

The average PMP Salary in Kolkata is around Rs. 1,490 K. If you are aspiring to be a project manager and willing to take it as a full-time profession then it is imperative on your part to comprehend the advantages as well as the occupational hazards associated with it.

Generally, people search for a job that is challenging and rewarding too. And, how can you forget about the element of satisfaction? Your success rate in the job is greatly dependent on how much you enjoy the work in hand.  Finally, a job needs to remunerate you with handsome pay package.  What makes the designation of project manager and the job profile so coveted is its pay package. As a rule of thumb the more we earn the better it gets for us.  It goes to explain why people are on the search for a high paying job.

Being a project manager is not going to be a walk in the park.  The job is very demanding and an individual needs to equip oneself with vital skill sets.  Salary of a project manager varies from one company to another.  However, one thing is for sure that the pay is impressive.  Your responsibilities as a project manager may vary from one industry to another.

If you are familiar with the responsibilities of a manager at different strata of the organization then you will agree that managers have excellent organizational capabilities. Apart from managing the mission-critical affairs the individual needs to have sublime communication skills.

The most important attribute of a project manager is the ability to gel well in a group and lead the team members in pursuit of a common goal ignoring personal differences. Hence, sublime leadership qualities are very essential.  The person needs to be comfortable and confident when it comes to leading and managing a team.

In fact, a project manager is paid for these prime and daunting responsibilities.  If a project manager can meet the deadline and get the job done as expected then remunerations and rewards are bound to follow. It is needless to say that project managers are well remunerated particularly in the IT industry.

IT industry has a distinguished reputation of paying its project manager well although the pay scale may fluctuate, depending on the market condition. Real-estate and construction industry offers handsome packages for project managers too.

Your Work experience determines your salary in your career. Experienced project managers are among the top paid professional in the corporate sector. If you are about to get your first job then irrespective of your qualification do not set your eyes on the designation of a project manager to start your career. This domain is made for highly experienced professionals. You need to move up the organizational ladder accumulating experience in the process.

Along with sincerity, you need good organizing skills to become successful as a project manager.  The contemporary industrial market is characterized by ruthless competition.  Hence, although the profession of project management may seem all-encompassing yet it makes sense to brace oneself for enduring challenges that many may find overwhelming.

So, are you interested in knowing the pivotal facets which decide the pay scale of project manager? Well, it all comes down to your occupational knowledge, quality of work and experience.  Professional experience holds utmost importance in the professional world. With a surging number of small and medium-sized enterprises entering the competitive setting the need to have a proficient project manager has never been experienced so intensely before.  A successful project manager has a high level of precision in dissipating managerial advice, strategic planning, and formulating project execution task.  These are three competencies that pave the way of success for a project manager.

As mentioned earlier professional experience goes a long way in determining the salary of a project manager, particularly at the entry level.  If you are serious about pursuing a full-time career in project management make sure that you take into consideration all the impending opportunities and take giant strides in career advancement.

The success of a company is greatly shaped by the efficiency of a project manager.  No matter how stressful or intimidating the job setting may get a project manager has to maintain composure and think clearly. Work quality is something that remains uncompromised in the corporate world. You have to gain the confidence of your employers so that they can trust you when you are in charge of monitoring a project.

The yearly pay package of a project manager can vary between $55,000 to 100,000 based on the project size.  It is important that your opinions and suggestions are heeded upon and worked on as per your expectations.  If you can prove your capabilities there will be no dearth of work in the industry for you as a project manager.

To establish yourself as a successful project manager you need to develop a decent level of familiarity with your job responsibilities. Project managers pay package is greatly determined through the occupational knowhow, your awareness related to the project for which you will be hired. Unless your skills as a leader are well proven any experience in project handling becomes irrelevant. Right from the initiation of a project to its successful termination you need to have profound knowledge on handling every aspect of a project.

Successful project managers have a clear insight into what needs to be done for successfully completing a project.  You need to identify, appreciate, and acquire the distinguished skill sets that make a project manager successful and eligible to achieve higher pay packages. Project managers need to be goal and result oriented. Ultimately, your success as a project manager will be determined by your ability to deliver desirable results.  If you have a proven track record as a project manager then the company can trust you, assign more responsibilities and give you a hike that you rightfully deserve.

Finally, your geographic location can influence the final pay package that is assigned to you. It has been found that project managers in economically affluent countries earn more than their counterparts working in emerging economies.



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