How to Choose a Dentist

How to Choose a Dentist

What to Look For in a Dentist

Trying to find a good dentist is notoriously hard. Many factors play into deciding if a dentist is good for you or not. Some patients focus on pricing, while some try to find the closest dentist in the area. Also, many look for recommendations from friends, family, coworkers, and so on. But what are the qualities you should look for in a dentist? Well, that’s what we will be discussing today.

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Checking Insurance

Firstly, you need to be practical. A good dentist may be expensive, so you need to ask your potential dentist about which insurance plans they accept. And you definitely need to do this before you go to your appointment, or you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

Additionally, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of asking them, you can always simply call up your insurance company and find out for yourself. You can simply ask which dentists in your area are on their list. You can also inquire about any other things that interest you, such as whether additional expenses are involved.

Service Options

Another important thing to ask about is service options. Instead of going from one dental office to another for different procedures, try finding one that offers many different services. Ideally, you’d need a dentist who does cosmetic services, restorative services, emergency dental care, and so on. It’s a plus if they’re also a Saturday dentist since many patients are busy Monday through Friday and can’t make time for appointments during the week.

Short Waiting Times

Nobody is a fan of waiting rooms, and trying to find a dentist office where you won’t have to wait hours for your appointment is important. You don’t want to lose half of your day waiting to get your tooth fixed because the dental office is dysfunctional. A good way to find out if this is the case is to look for reviews online. Check for reviews to weed out the dental offices with long waiting times.

What Do They Specialize In

Some dentists have certain areas they specialize in, meaning they treat certain types of patients. For example, those specializing in geriatric dentistry see older patients, while those specializing in pediatric dentistry see children. So, you might need to know things like that in advance.

Look Into Credentials

Arguably, the most important thing is to look into your dentist’s credentials. After all, the extent of their qualifications matters, and it also affects the quality of the service that they will provide. So, don’t shy away from asking your potential dentist about their credentials.

Read the Reviews

Many people would answer the question, “How to pick a good dentist?” with a simple, “Look at the reviews.” The opinion of the patients matters, and it always paints the most realistic picture of the service. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant with one-star reviews, and you shouldn’t settle for a dental office with terrible reviews, either.

Look for a Nice Waiting Room

Looks aren’t everything, but sometimes they are. A nice and comfortable waiting room can leave a really good impression, especially if you’re going to spend some time waiting in it anyways. Comfortable seating, a TV, a nice atmosphere, and welcoming staff can make your dental experience an enjoyable one. It’s also a bonus if the waiting room has a children’s area where your kids can play while you wait for your appointment.

Trust Your Judgment

Lastly, it’s important to trust your judgment. If you don’t like the atmosphere, if the staff is rude, if the waiting time is way too long, or if the dentist seems unprofessional, just keep on searching. You don’t need to settle for anything less than ideal. After all, it’s your teeth we’re talking about here. And, you wouldn’t let just anyone take care of your pearly whites.

How to Not Choose a Dentist

Figuring out how to choose a new dentist is extremely important. However, establishing how not to do it matters just as much. So, here are the things you shouldn’t focus on when looking for the dentist of your dreams.

The Price Tag

Sometimes money can be tight, but don’t put your teeth on the back burner because of it. After all, it definitely won’t pay off. Putting away a few extra bucks for your dentist appointments won’t hurt your wallet in the long run. After all, most people visit their dentist only a few times a year.

So, picking a good dentist that you’ll be able to visit for years to come matters more than you think it might. After all, fixing the mistakes a rookie dentist made will cost much more than saving up for some high-quality dental care.

The Insurance Company List

As we’ve established, contacting your insurance company to check if your insurance covers the services of a certain dental office is highly recommended. However, using that list as the sole way to choose your new dentist is a big no-no. Your insurance company isn’t your best friend, and they will do no research before sending you away to some lousy dental office. So, make sure to always do your own investigating before contacting your insurance company.

The Vicinity

It’s always good if your dentist is just around the corner. It saves a lot of time, and it’s really handy in cases of emergency. However, just because a dental office is in your area, it doesn’t mean you should opt for their services automatically. Having your dentist nearby is a plus, but it should never be the determining factor.

Someone’s Recommendation

It’s good to have a dentist recommended to you. After all, it’s essentially a good review. But, if the person recommending the service only talks about how nice the dentist is, the whole house of cards instantly crumbles. While making sure you feel comfortable around your dentist is extremely important, it’s not enough. They should also offer good service, good pricing, have the necessary credentials, and more.

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