Dental Office Reception Design: How To

Dental Office Reception Design: How To

How to Design the Perfect Dental Office

First impressions matter, so your dental office really ought to appeal to everyone stepping in. From the reception area and the lobby to the dental treatment room, your place of work should offer comfort and easement to your patients.

That is why a good design plan can be a turning point in the right direction, especially if your dental office is still in the establishing phases. And if you want a push in the right direction, you’re free to visit our site and see our designs.

Dental Office Reception Area Design Tips

Designing a reception area that will wow your patients can be an excellent way to make a phenomenal first impression. So, how do you do it? Here are some steps you can follow to create a fantastic reception area for your dental office.

The Reception Area Should Oversee the Lobby

The first thing to pay attention to when designing the perfect reception desk is to ensure that it oversees the lobby. Doing that will make it easy for patients to know where they should go to wait for their appointment. Also, it will make it convenient for the receptionist to call up patients when it’s time for them to be seen.

The Reception Desk Should Be Big

The focus of the whole area should be a dental office reception desk. So, making it large is the best way to draw attention to it. But, most importantly, having a large reception desk is an excellent way to make it practical and easy to organize. A small reception desk might feel impractical and cluttered, and it can be hard to use and real pain for the reception staff to keep properly organized. So, having a big reception desk is the way to go.

A Good Color Palette

An essential aspect of interior design is, understandably, the colors. You can’t have a good design without a sound color palette. It simply doesn’t work that way. That is why your reception area should have colors that match well, look sterile and clean, have a calming effect, and are bright and lively.

Add Decor

Incorporating tasteful and unique decor into your dental office can make it feel welcoming to patients. And, it can make your dental office stand out and add personality. Adding photographs, artwork, dental-related posters, or really anything is a simple way to make your office seem visually appealing and inviting.

Have Good Lighting

Inadequate lighting in a dentist’s office sounds like a nightmare, and it can make reading and signing documents a real problem at the reception desk. Luckily, having proper lighting can get rid of such issues, and it can also create a better atmosphere.


Just please be sure not to go too overboard on the lighting. You wouldn’t want your reception area to be too blinding to the patients or the staff.

Appoint Some Technology

Having your patients be able to see that you’re up-to-date with all the latest technologies can help leave a good impression. Plus, it’s great when it comes to practicality-related purposes.

Things like free Wi-Fi can be valuable to many patients and help them get through the waiting process without getting too bored. Tablets for signing in are also a good way to get a heads up technology-wise, and many dental offices use them for this purpose.

Dental Office Lobby Design Tips

Making a good dental office waiting room design can be just as much of a challenge as designing a good reception area. However, it’s far from impossible. But it can only get easier with these tips!

Get Good Furniture

When designing a good waiting room, good furniture is something you definitely shouldn’t skimp on. Making sure the furniture is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing can sometimes be tricky. But, it’s something you need to take care of to make your lobby into the perfect waiting area. And, let’s face it, most patients won’t really appreciate uncomfortable minimalist furniture, so if you’re aiming toward minimalist design, at least get a comfortable couch.

Incorporate a Retail Area

Adding a retail area to your dental office has become popular in recent years. It might sound a little bit odd, but it can be a really good move to make.


The retail area can contain all sorts of high-quality dental products you can recommend to your patients. You can even add some free samples that patients can take home and try. Just be careful when stocking. Make sure to observe which items are the most popular and focus on those. It’s a way to keep your patients happy, and it’s also a good financial decision.

Design a Good Layout

Perfectly aligned rows of basic-looking chairs are uncomfortable, old-fashioned, and can make patients tense. Stepping outside the box and making your waiting room look more like an actual room or even a café can be a fun twist.


Another great addition to the waiting room layout can be a children’s area. Having a small play area for kids, complete with toys and tiny furniture, can be both fun and accommodating. Kids tend to get extremely bored while waiting for their dentist appointment, so a fun little area for them to play in is a phenomenal addition.


Organizing the furniture around a TV so that everyone can watch it is another stellar idea. It’s simple, and it makes it so that everyone has a form of entertainment while waiting. Putting a bookshelf with books and magazines is also a good thing to incorporate into the design.


Lastly, a good layout is an indispensable way to leave a lasting impression on your patients. Many people suffer from anxiety, or simply find dentist appointments stressful, so an accommodating area where they can relax or be entertained can help in relieving their anxiety.

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