How to convert BTG to BTC

How to convert BTG to BTC

With the progress of the cryptocurrency market, the demand for the most popular coins is actively growing. The mining conditions change, the cost, and rate increase. Many cryptocurrency platforms are becoming inaccessible to the average user. In order to mine crypto, you need to have expensive equipment, which, unfortunately, not everyone can afford. Bitcoin Gold was a real breakthrough in this regard. The developers have created a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, but with fundamental differences, the main one of which is the new operating protocol. According to him, anyone who wants to can mine Gold. The main condition for this is the availability of an appropriate video card.

What is Bitcoin Gold?

To understand what Bitcoin Gold is, you need to delve deeper into theory. Probably Bitcoin Gold is the most decentralized cryptocurrency among all the known ones. Its creator is Jack Liao. For a long time he was engaged in supplying mining equipment. BTG strives to be the very best representative of digital gold. And the developer even came up with a method through which this will become possible. He attempted to solve the problem of centralized mining. Make it possible. If we change the algorithms of proof of the work done. For this, Bitcoin Gold uses hashing algorithms. They are optimized for GPU mining.

Yes, the developers are optimistic and do everything possible to bring their own wildest ideas in life. But each coin has two medals. There are critics who do not believe that such a scheme will be successful and will help achieve global decentralization, because the graphics card market is controlled by the largest companies in the world – Nvidia and AMD. Integrated circuits differ in processors. Such processors are programmed for only one simple operation.

Today, mining is completely dependent on equipment based on these processors, which, by the way, are produced by the same large companies. This is because the Proof-of-Work algorithm uses the SHA-256 hash function. It is simple to carry out calculations, you do not need to have too much RAM. In contrast, Equihash is a very complex hashing function; a prerequisite for it is a large amount of RAM. Why all this comparison? It’s simple: to understand that Equihash ASICs will be quite expensive. Accordingly, ASICs have no advantages in Bitcoin Gold mining.


The exchange of BTG to BTC

Today, almost the only way to buy Bitcoin Gold is the cryptocurrency exchange. When choosing them, it should be borne in mind that not all of them work with fiat. Most of them only trade cryptocurrencies. Some exchange websites requires your registration before some operations. Others – don’t.

How to convert BTG to BTC and other questions you can find on every exchange service and it will take you a few clicks to do. They act as an intermediary between users and exchanges, choosing and offering the best rates for online exchanges and buying cryptocurrencies.

You can find a fast, secure and intuitive cryptocurrency exchange service:

The user pays some top percentage for exchanging BTG for BTC along with the network commission. That is why the service is interested in ensuring that users receive the most favorable cryptocurrency exchange rates.

Each platform cooperates with the world’s best cryptocurrency exchanges, which provide special reduced commissions for the BTG / BTC exchange. Every second, the built-in algorithm sends requests to each exchange in search of the most attractive rate for BTG / BTC or any other crypto exchange transaction.

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