One of the most difficult tasks during relocation is to leave your friends and family members. But the good news is that you can still stay connected with your friends, neighbors, and family members. To do this, it is important to stay coordinated, persistent, and consistent in staying connected.


With the help of technology, it has become easier to stay connected even though how many miles apart you are living. Read on to these a few ways suggested by experts at that help you to manage the charm of old relations after moving from that place.


•    Phone calls or texting: When one moves from one place to the other, he or she does not only leave home but also some of the valuable relationships with near and dear ones. One can stay in touch with them via their phones. Communicating to the other person through a phone call is considered a more personal form of communication. Sparing some time from your busy schedule to talk to one over the phone is actually a significant gesture. This beautiful gesture does not take much effort or time and can share your feelings with them. One can also text a person from time to time to be in the touch.


•    Social media platforms: Nowadays, social media platforms had become a priority for people and a great way to be in touch with the people around them. One can use any social media platform such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Snapchat to catch up with any of their distant friends or relatives.


Anyone can easily use these platforms to connect with loved ones. One just needs a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection to do it. You can add the ones you want to connect with your friend list on these platforms and then can talk to them, whenever you want. You can keep on check their status updates they are posting and can also post about you.


•    Schedule the video call: It is a fact that due to distance, one can’t frequently go for in-person communication after moving. But that doesn’t mean that you will have to lose your distant relationships after relocating to a new place. You can schedule the video call with your neighbors or friends, on some special occasion or any of the days when both of you are free. Video calling provides the facility of face-to-face communication which feels like a reduction in the distance up to an extent and you can almost live the same moments again.


•    Conventional Methods: In the present scenario, modern technology has taken the place of conventional ways of communication. But communicating via old and traditional ways after moving to another area, has some special and meaningful significance of its own. One can send handwritten letters or even gifts to their special ones on their special occasions. These small gestures help to keep your former neighbors bond intact forever.


•    Make efforts to be in touch: One is able to manage his or her former relationships, only when he or she makes various efforts to stay in the touch with them. Regardless of the method of communication you choose, you should communicate with them after a certain interval of time. Some people acknowledge the frequency of communication. Also, talk to them in the way you used to and ask them about certain things happening in their life and also tell them about yourself.


•    Leave voice messages to them: If formal check-in calls consume a lot of your time then leaving messages could be an ideal option for you to stay connected with your loved one. With the help of technology, you can easily send your voice messages to your near and dear ones. This is the new way of sharing information and stay connected.


Consider these additional options


•    Skype: Skype works just like your telephone except for the fact that you can connect with your loved ones face to face. All you require is an internet connection and a phone call.


•    Sending your “thinking of you” gift card: If your budget permits then you can send them the gift cards so that you can make them happy even without your presence. It does not mean that you have to spend a higher amount, little or small things could work such as a candle, small ornaments, and so on. You can also tuck a personal note along with the small gifts.


•    Email: Email is the easiest and the best mode of communication. Set up a mailing list and send them emails from time to time.


•    Blogging: It is becoming a popular method and helps you to stay connected with your loved ones by sharing your thoughts and then reading the comments.


Wrapping it all up!!!


Now, regardless of the fact that you are moving locally or it is a long-distance move, you can manage your old relations and can remain in touch with your loved ones. Follow the above communication modes and manage your relocation concerns with great ease.




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