How Will Covid-19 Change The College Application In 2020?

How Will Covid-19 Change The College Application In 2020?

The coronavirus has rattled the world. Not only are people scared of their own health, but the future is now also very uncertain. Many students have had to make considerable changes to their routine as schools shifted to online classes and assessments.

Perhaps the group of students hit the hardest are those that are about to graduate. With colleges also adjusting to the virus and accommodating students in a safe manner, prospective applicants are confused about the college application procedure.

What are the new college application deadlines? Are there any changes in the process? Can a college change their decision? These are all common questions that students are now asking. Below, we talk about how COVID-19 has changed college applications in 2020. We’ve also listed some easy colleges to get into at the end, so keep reading!

1. Different Deadlines

Traditionally, colleges have set application deadlines. For example, undergraduate applications to Oxbridge always close in October. Other universities close application in the late spring (March to June). However, with the onset of the virus, schools are closed, and students must rely on online communication to get the materials they need for their application.

Even university staff must work from home. This means the whole administration process has slowed down. Now, students need more time to finish their applications, and universities need more time to assess applications. Therefore, many colleges are extending their traditional deadlines, which gives students more time to apply!

2. New Term Dates

Many universities are also offering new term dates now. Usually, universities offer admission in the fall semester, starting September or October. But now, some universities are offering admission in their January semesters.

This could potentially change the academic calendar in the next few years. Some universities are also offering summer admission. Primarily, this is to accommodate students that live far away and cannot travel back to college in time for the fall semester to start.

Even though the term dates are changing, the college process is more and less the same! This means that you’ll still need to write a paper as part of your application. Many students struggle with this part of the application process, but luckily you can get online help! Only special website offer college application essay help. These services employ professionals, for whom essay writing is no challenging task.

3. Lesser Competition

COVID-19 has also brought about a lot of travel restrictions, which means that many students that would otherwise be applying to college are refraining from doing so. This is an unfortunate circumstance for many students, but if you can still go physically, go to college, it means there’s less competition for admission! Applying now would better your chances of securing a place in your dream university.

4. More Scholarships

There’s no doubt that colleges have taken a hit financially during the pandemic. As we stated above, it’s very likely that lesser students will be applying to colleges. Fewer applicants and fewer students is a significant cut in the revenue of any college. Thus, it’s likely that colleges will be more generous with their scholarships so that they can attract more applicants.

If you need a scholarship in order to attend college, now could be the prime time to apply. Remember that scholarships have their own application, separate to your college application. Once you secure admission into the college, you can apply for the scholarship. This application also typically requires you to write an essay explaining why you deserve a scholarship. If you’re struggling with this too, you can get online help from the essay writing services we talked about.


The current pandemic has changed many things. We now have to change the way we do many things, and how long this will go on for – no one knows. Hence, universities have made themselves more flexible in order to accommodate students. If you’re planning on applying to college soon, this is all the information you’ll need to know.

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